Yung Fazo Reveals Unprecedented Advances for Hyper Hip-Hop

Fresh off a co-sign, Yung Fazo's playing his part in growing the newfound genre...

     Long Island’s Yung Fazo is on his way to be “the next brown boy to make it”. Manifesting his path since his first release Let Me Love You back in August of 2019, Fazo’s spent a long time planning his takeover. The transition that took place, from asking someone to open up their heart to his most recent Flex Like This release - attacks this beat like nothing you’ve heard before. This sub genre has clearly developed into the most exciting piece of underground culture - and Yung Fazo just happens to be the innovative centerpiece at it’s core.

     Yung Fazo isn’t entirely a hyper pop/ hip-hop artist as a whole - as his biggest track to date, Wesson, alongside Raeusi, sounds like it’s coming from an entirely different artist than his last 10 singles. The evolution to this sound becomes increasingly apparent with each song released, and continues to progress. 

      Keep It Real, which released April 2 of this year, is over an insane high-energy sample beat, similar to Miss The Rage by Playboi Carti and Trippie Redd, who recently co-signed Yung Fazo, but yet kept it’s unique differential. Keep It Real has Fazo rapping of the day to day battles he engages in, signing “no deal” while being “off four pills”. Fazo knows where he’s headed and won’t sell himself short, shoving lyricism and innovating sounds into the latest wave.

      On May 6th, Yung Fazo dropped his best piece to date, Flex Like This. The track features insane lead ups and drops synced perfectly with Fazo’s lines. The first few words we hear “Louis V right on the kicks” as the laser-like beat drops seemingly wobbling away. This is one of the tracks you just picture to cause a mosh pit, as are most of his latest. The day Fazo steps on stage is when everyone will be sure he will be a face in this industry.

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