North Carolina Native Ending the Summer on Hot Streak

YSB Tril Making Major Noise with Latest Release 'Feel It'

As we continue to dive deep into the underground Southern rap scene, another Raleigh, North Carolina future star in YSB Tril has been making some serious noise worth shedding light on. With three singles this year, he’s just beginning to sprout a big start. Collaborating with previously mentioned talent, Kevin Powers, on more than one occasion, has turned him into becoming a dependent feature. Kevin, YSB Eli and the topic for this article YSB Tril are going to take over North Carolina, and when everyone claims it was over night, we will say that we knew and saw the work put in way before the fact.


Tril kicked off 2020 with Healing, a slow love-based song that exposes his relationship problems with a girl he cares about. Yet "his love is damaged, his healing," methods are questionable, but this year still found him with a "new house up on the hills." After she "told him she hate him," he "threw his feelings off a cliff," so he’s coping by "blowing 4’s cracking seals to take the pain away." Saying "the one’s you think will love you hurt you and cut deep for real." All in all, this type of track is a new sound for Tril that did well and sounds great too - most importantly leaving his fanbase to now know he can add emotional elements to his craft and story-telling while still being an extremely effective artist.


Do The Most dropped next and is highlighted by him as he raps how "none of you know what go on in my head," saying he thought that he told you he don’t lose, but his main concern is just "which bad bitch he’s gon’ choose," as he’s less worried about the haters thoughts. Rapping "fuck it, and dropped out of college," cause he’s "tryna be rich forever like Roddy." The track explains some of the decisions he’s made but ultimately Tril wants to make it clear he has got some bands and that's why, to all of the questions, Tril is getting it himself as he rides the beat going bar for bar on this track.


While the latest tracks are hard, it’s undeniable that the latest from YSB Tril entitled Feel It, is the cleanest, crispest, and whatever synonym in between you want to use to describe this track as his best to date. He opens rapping he "want you to feel it, calling your boyfriend captain save a hoe, he need to learn better." Going on to say his "bitch say he’s acting different, when ain’t shit different but the digits." Tril is never impressed and isn’t "really fucking with these bitches." All these bars lead up to one story that unfolds and make sense as it all happens within the first 15 seconds (from the 0:10 to 0:25 mark of the track). In under fifteen seconds,YSB Tril hooks listeners into a genius chorus as they feel like they know whats going on, can relate to the song itself, and are already attached before they know it.

If you listen to YSB Tril set some time aside cuz you probably won’t be stopping for a minute, and yes, he’s still underground. Follow him @ysb.tril on Instagram and us @engmtcent on all social media platforms for more articles and music related content coming soon!