Why The Culture Behind Production Is Just As Important As Artistry

Take a look behind the scenes of hip-hop production and towards industry secrets, with @lukewhiteonthebeat!

Up next, the untold story of 23-year old producer who has worked amongst the likes of superstar talent, such as XXXTENTACION, Kevin Powers and many others. Luke White has been motivated to pursue music since the early age of 5 - having begun honing his passion on the drums. Just a year later Luke began playing guitar after being encouraged by his parents to dive deeper into the hobby. 

Production in today’s most streamed genre - hip-hop, is easily equal to, if not more than half of the composition of a song. Why is it that in today’s world, even top producers lack so much coverage? Luke White has been working his craft since being just “12 years old” and is still climbing towards ambition and growth. Sharing many of the same sacrifices as other producers, Luke made the decision to pack up and head to Los Angeles just 10 months ago to live out his dreams in full detail-  and has only just recently started seeing some payoff.

After several years dedicated to learning the basis of music with both drums and guitar, he started hitting the production boards at 12. From here, Luke was able to support himself throughout high school doing what he loved. As school became a more minuscule part of life, and things started to look more clear,  Luke began dedicating hours and hours into his dream nearly every single day. At 20 years old, Luke had XXXTENTACION reach out after finding a beat on Luke’s YouTube channel, from here XXXTENTACION created the track “RIOT”.

Luke wants to make a few things clear to anyone wanting to start production - production is “not something that produces results quickly, but with time can be advantageous”. He also says “the biggest thing is to get into producing for the right reason, for the love and enjoyment of music, and not for the status / monetary gains that it can bring.” 

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