What We're Listening to this Weekend - TDE's Reason

'RZNSZN' is in full effect with the TDE label mate's newest single Trapped In

Hip Hop ain’t dead. And your traditional, classic-style emcee isn’t either despite what the industry landscape may look like. Top Dawg Entertainment’s young prodigy and most recent signee, Reason, is living proof that the culture isn’t just kicking to stay alive, but rather thriving mightily.


Coming off his debut release with one of the world’s top record labels regardless of music genre last year, in the (re)release of ThereYou Have, it doesn’t take long when listening to realize his lyrical prowess and infectious voice on any track.


Reason brings a raw energy to any instrumental he touches and any verse he lays down. There’s a certain old school, gritty trait the Del Amo native possesses that exudes a ‘tale no prisoners’ attitude. He wants to be the best to ever do it, and he won’t shy away from making it known.


It was in this debut campaign, backed by cosigns from some of the industry’s top artists within his own label like Kendrick Lamar, AbSoul, and more outside the label like J.Cole that this talented lyricist began to make a name for himself.


In the blink of an eye, he not only caught the attention of cult hip hop fans everywhere, but also his own peers. Garnering respect from WestCoast peers like WS Boogie, Guapdad 4000, and many more. Efforts especially like his collaboration with Dreamville artist Cozz on the track LamboTruck off the Grammy nominated album Revenge of the Dreamers III.


But things are just getting started for Reason. And 2020 has been self-proclaimed by the budding superstar as RZNSZN.


Kicking off 2020 strongly with the single Show Stop and a few album release parties out in LA this past month, there’s without a doubt a project turned in to Top Dawg, in the safeguarded hands of MixedbyAli, and well on its way. But what really caught our eye, and what we can’t stop listening to this week is his latest single and accompanying visuals for Trapped In.


With features from WS Boogie and Ab Soul, Reason shows off his lyrical prowess we’ve come to love and know on bars like “Dogs in it, seethe paws in it / Tryna make it out like a Saw victim, Bullets hit the whip and leave the car spinning / N*ggas still pimp the butterfly, I done fluttered high and evolved in it (Woah).”


Woah (Reason’s signature adlib) is right.


The progress and evolution in his music all around since ThereYou Have It is clear as day on this newest single in his ability to switch up deliveries and cadences all while staying true to the creativity in his writing he’s had all along. The attention to detail and a continued better understanding of the art form have taken Reason to new heights.

Scariest part about it? To steal a line from Michael Jordan himself, “The ceiling is the roof.” There’s no cap on the potential this young artist has. TDE sure as hell knows it, and so does he.


He could be the next face of the industry, at the very least the face of the West Coast in another few years, and the path he’s on right now reminds me a lot of a young Kendrick Lamar. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always work to do. But if There You Have It is the Overly Dedicated equivalent in Reason’s young discography, that means we’re due for something big. Section80 big out of Del Amo’s very own this year.


Make no mistake though, Reason is his own man. He’s out to prove that. And with more tracks like Trapped In on the way, there’s no stopping anytime soon.


Check out his new single now streaming everywhere, as well as the accompanying visuals on his Youtube. Tap in with him on social media @reasontdetoo.


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