Vivid Wordplay and Lyrical Placement by an Illinois Artist Opened a New World of Possibility

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It’s not too often you hear something from a totally different realm than you’ve heard before with today's over saturation of music. Out of Highland Park, just 40 minutes north of Chicago, IL, Claud has created their own genre. Opening themselves up to the world, harmonizing a new wave of Indie Pop. Tending to push the barriers of what you can and can’t do in music to be successful. Oftentimes not saying too much, but just enough so you get the bigger picture.

In the summer of 2018, Claud released their first single Onetwothree, the vibey track has them asking listeners if you can hear them, singing how Claud can't hear themselves at all, cause they're in their head. Overall a repetitive, catchy track with potential to cool down your anxiety. Many of Claud’s tracks have held the same standard, newer releases showcase more and more depth with even more influential notes.

Claud’s breakthrough song up until now was released  just one year after Onetwothree. I Wish You Were Gay, is a story about how Claud explains their strong feelings for someone they wished was gay to call them your bae instead of your homie. Speaking for those who can’t talk, while sprinkling in parts of the city,  seeing you get off of the subway, haven't seen you in months but it’s okay. Obvious growth in wordplay and delivery, all while telling descriptive stories so vividly you could place yourself in first person.

This February, Claud released their first album Super Monster, songs began releasing back in October of 2020 in order to promote the new sounds. Overnight, track number one on the album has to be the best release to date. Over a faster paced beat, Claud says they fell in love like a fool overnight. Explaining all the made up dates and time they spent with you in their head, they are obsessed with someone they know that they can’t be and is able to voice this over a hippie sounding guitar beat. Claud tends to fall fast and hard, but remains skeptical, singing that they jumped into your arms so quick, but everything feels better when you jump right in. 

Claud has touched millions of streams with some of these releases, and the album dropped just this week. Expect a lot more from Claud this 2021 if you don’t know them yet. Check them out @claud.mp3 and follow us @engmtcent for more content!