Upcoming Virginia Rapper Blends Decades & Turns Heads

Rising Richmond, VA artist - Peter $un - has claims of meshing late 2010's hip-hop into 2021... thoughts?

Coming out of Richmond, Virginia, rapper Peter $un has been putting in the work for the past 3 years and his latest album shows it. The album cover Scumbaby written in chalk for the album cover has been doing numbers. Showcasing crazy lyricism and interesting beats that take you back to Chance The Rapper’s early days. The album’s features fit perfect with the vibe, Peter invited Childish Major and hippie rapper Trip Carter.

The track that everyone’s talking about, work is nearing 300 thousand plays. Rapping how he get up and get to work, saying the money come first over any bitch. The end of the song we hear the whole beat change and Peter changes his flow and uncommonly goes against the grain of rap stating he still feeling myself, pain killers won’t help. Peter $un has a totally different style in a world of primarily sad drug infused music. At the end he adds an invoice that states I’m so sick of this fucking job bro… all I wanna do is make clothes and make music, some words lots of listeners can relate to. The name work seems to be ironic, as the song success of the track could carry him to a career without it.

Sometimes came out in the summer but made it onto the album. The track is about how sometimes life can seem pointless but sometimes it feel good. Saying when he know some homies gone so he thought he had the same fate but somehow Peter $un found a puddle and he made a wave instead. Missing some of the old things but he lets you know ultimately he’s happy and working hard, it’s just a song for when you’re going through it and need to keep going.

Myself is probably the best track on the album. Peter $un talks about his thoughts of how he had to do it for himself, so he grabs some weed then smoke it by himself. He raps on never becoming complacent telling people he doesn’t need nothing from anyone cause he’s done this all himself anyway.

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