Upcoming Houston Artist Gathers Attention on Tik-Tok

Being such a massive platform, Tik-Tok has begun to showcase many up and coming names - such as BBY KODIE. Will he be the last? We doubt it.

Houston, TX has another problem on the way - with the rise of rapper BBY KODIE. KODIE released his first single less than a year ago and has since racked up millions of streams and a solid following coming from Houston. This is another example of a rapper who could've been god knows where doing who knows what if it weren’t for the pandemic. 

Korleone dropped last April, an insane first drop that racked up nearly half a million streams. The track features a slowed eerie violin loop with neatly places 808’s enabling KODIE to provide a vibey cadence with crazy bars. Opening saying I know it’s been crazy but I been getting paid this year. KODIE raps how he need to move next door cuz there ain’t no space in his house. Overall, the track is a crazy hype song that grabs attention from anyone and be played alongside any of today's billboard artists.

BBY KODIE recently dropped Milkshake, which claimed over 7 million streams in less than 5 days. Thanks to Tik-Tok the track has really caught traction and forced eyes onto BBY KODIE’s music. This song’s sound isn’t brand new or better than any of his music, but rather has a funny beat with rough transfers from la la la la to KODIE going in rapping how a creepy ass hoe trynna fuck, and asking how you upgrade your life but you stuck in the same place. 

Expect a lot more from BBY KODIE as I’m sure he’s planning to follow up after the breakthrough success of the last single. If you don’t already, go follow @bbykodie on Instagram and us @engmtcent for more content soon!