Travis Scott Expands Cactus Jack Records into Atlanta Artistry

With the addition of SoFaygo into Cactus Jack, the next collective project sounds promising for all listeners.

        Atlanta’s experimental artist, SoFaygo, has long solidified himself as someone who’s ready to add personal influence to the game. Since 2019, he has dropped gems - often passed over by the mainstream audience, yet they couldn’t slip by massive A&R’s and fellow influential artists. After Me, SoFaygo’s third album to date had caught the eyes of Travis Scott and many more. Although it’s obvious there were many eyes on this one, as of April 2020, SoFaygo has officially signed to Cactus Jack Records.

Cactus Jack Records, owned by Travis Scott himself, hasn't run cold yet and it’s clear SoFaygo won’t be the first to lead astray. Being one of the first of his own sound to rise from Atlanta, he’s paved the way for many more. Cactus Jack Records has artists such as Don Toliver, Sheck Wes, Travis himself and a few others including Travis Scott’s DJ, Chase B., making SoFaygo one of four artists on the album to apply vocals - while also being the smallest, least played artist on the lineup.

Things are looking very promising for SoFaygo, with talks of a Lyrical Lemonade video soon to be in the making, the brand new potentially most sought after label backing, and whispers of an album waiting for launch - it’s SoFaygo takeover time. SoFaygo has released  five singles that received over one million streams, and one over twenty million. This really says one thing - SoFaygo has something sitting in his vault that shocked Travis to the point of sending contracts.

Searching for hints, unreleased tracks, or any other details to suggest what SoFaygo’s been working on led to the discovery of work done with his producers, bakkwoods and Hitechstef. Each track containing these absolutely brilliant and melodic beats, accompanied by SoFaygo’s inventive style is promised to be admired by fans and listeners. Arguably the best track to showcase the collaboration between the two engineers, controlling by SoFaygo encompasses the much needed snares, kicks, and hi-hats - yet carries the track’s vocal potential much further. 

It’s been five months since the last SoFaygo release, and just April 7th Travis posted the track “Off The Map” which signified that something was going on. We all know Travis Scott isn’t just working with whoever, after the release of his labels album JackBoys in 2019 where he only allowed a few, such as Don Toliver, Pop Smoke, Young Thug, Quavo, Offset, Sheck Wes, ROSALINA and Lil Baby. After proving how selective he is, SoFaygo was certainly a calculated addition and now we’re all waiting to see why.

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