Toronto Artist Ready to Explode 2021 With His Sound

Only entering the genesis of his career - the potential behind Jonah Zed is unlimited.

Jonah Zed has undertaken beat production for Toronto’s underground scene for a while now, but is now finally ready to show the world his full music potential! With his one and only track, Tired, having dropped this year in late January -  we’ve already seen it rack in over 50,000 streams on Spotify. Once again, the extreme benefits of networking and self-marketing towards a larger understanding of multiple perspectives within the music industry have shown security and success.

Jonah has developed a pretty insane track record, from not only present work - but past projects as well. Working alongside artists like Pressa and various other renowned talents appears to have assisted Zed as he begins to direct into his own stylistic niche. Jonah hasn’t yet vocalized hip hop, although that's his background and longly awaited - but rather sits in the pocket between R&B and hip hop, leaving us guessing as to where he’ll shift to next.

The track Tired talks warns his baby that she’s about to tip the scale. As he’s been running a marathon she was telling him she’d hold him down but he’s not sure what she’s been on, assuming she’s been on a ride as she holds him back. Jonah says he’s just tired and can’t keep being nice while she’s wilding. Doubting him when he says, I’m about to do the dash, instead of doing any of what was said. Jonah’s spacing lyrics add inexplicable effects, while the beat retains a synchronous interweaving through his wordplay. Giving credit where credit’s due, we’re far more impressed with this track due to Jonah having handled not only the lyricism, but production of the track as well.

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