The 'Westt Wednesday's' Phenom Tearing Up Orlando

Orlando Native Making a Big Splash in Underground Music Scene

Since the introduction of her Westt Wednesday’s segment as far back as this past May, one of Orlando’s very own (and fastest risers in 2020) Laniyah West has effortlessly created a unique buzz behind her sound and personality outside of the booth that has yet to be seen in the 407.


With the ability to switch back and forth between fast, trap-rapping bars and more melodic, upbeat harmonies that resemble a cross between traditional gutter Southern rap and amore modern New York sounds that match the likes of a female JI The Prince of NY the Orlando product is unapologetically herself in everything she does.


Releasing her debut Project entitled 8.28 back in late August, standout tracks from West such as What You Need, Jiggy, and Thug In Heaven showed a through the roof amount of both potential and promise from a young female artist still really just starting her professional career.


Where songs such as What You Need and Jiggy provide a wave and vibe of their very own, West is clearly just a small amount of continued experimenting with her sound in the booth away from stumbling on her pocket of sound. From there, it’ll only be a matter of time (when, not if) before its game over for the Mexican artist. Having the support behind her from some of Orlando’s biggest names such as her manager H.Dot and an established friendship with the likes of LPB Poody will only help her find that ultimate sound and continue to evolve as an artist faster.


However, its tracks likeThug In Heaven that truly stick out. Showcasing her lane as an R&B vocalist with other-worldly melodies, there isn’t a track that better highlights the talent Laniyah possesses. As she switches back and forth between a slower trap soul delivery and singing, it’s impossible to not find yourself rocking to this almost XXXtentacion styled, guitar-riffed beat.


An interesting side note as well, but as the mainstream music industry continues to diversify from top to bottom more and more there seems to be a unique trend of Latin artists who are fluent both in Spanish and English creating a lane that modern music listeners haven’t seen before. Think of artists the likes of JI the Prince of NY, Lvndie, Lunay, Myke Towers, Danileigh, and more.


Regardless, one thing’s for sure. You’re going to want to tap in with Laniyah Westt and watch her climb to the top now, rather than later.


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