The Underground Rap Scene's Fourteen Year Old Prince

A teenage underground phenom with the potential to be the music industry's staple for years to come

The 14-year-old teenager (yes, just fourteen) entitled 1k Prince out of Clarksburg, Maryland, is one of the most talented, diverse, lyrical geniuses I've heard at this young of an age. A true testament to the power that social media and streaming platforms play in this new age and era of music, the young Prince is our artist, slept-on artist at that, of the week.

With only five singles out in all of 2019 we expect much more in 2020. Give songs like Ballin a chance to start with as you dive into this new face. There’s a true radio quality to his music and the up beat, catchy chorus and instrumentals he makes his music on. He draws parallels to us of a younger version of industry staple Future. This teen knows how to get the people jumping. Notice his consistency in his voice, most artists can't find the right pitch let alone a flow to match it at this young of an age, or any age, while getting it to be so crisp.

1k has it all mapped out from a promotional standpoint in terms of exponential growth in 2020 too, leaving his fans hints of new music through snippets on his Instagram often. Even having a full team with managers in his bio to boot and collabing with other small artists from his area show a rare trait of professionalism that’s also incredibly impressive at such a young age.

Features that are noteworthy include another talented up and coming rapper in Jah Darko. Their track Never Knew is more than worth the listen and another example of 1k hitting on all the right words in his lexicon all while slowing down the song with more of a singing touch on the beat to contrast a more club anthem in Ballin. Working with others isn’t always the easiest, but the Prince makes it transparent he has no issues with this at all.

Without a doubt, 1K Prince is really lining himself up for success. The moment he and his team decide to turn in a final product and put out a project this year you can expect to see him coming to your city not too long after that. Give him a listen today and keep in mind how wise he is beyond his years, 1k is so talented. We hope you agree!

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