The Un"Touchable"

Upping anticipation while changing the landscape of what's expected from the West Coast.

20 year-old San Pedro, CA native Remble has stayed true to his sound since his early days back in high school. The first track on Remble’s discography “Dirty Dan”, has reached over three million streams alone. Since then, his sound has gone in no other direction than upwards. With tracks like “Touchable” rotating, it makes it damn near impossible to not be moving.

Remble queues up with a strong west coast sound, gliding over beats with an inviting, melodic tone. Yet, Remble raps “run right up on that boy and kill his cousin right in front of him”, which throws off any preconceived notions - furthermore, proving voices can be misleading. “Touchable” is all about getting things done, not being “uncomfortable.. when you up the smith”, which isn’t all about a Smith & Wesson. Rather, I believe Remble’s warning that when you’re going to do anything, it’s crucial to have confidence and act fast. Although Remble comes with an arguably common tone, the lyrics he chooses to implement can be applied to many facets in life; The perception that life it’s not always exactly as it seems, Remble continues to prove this time and time again.

His debut album “IT’S REMBLE”, dropped in July of 2021 under Warner Record. This album is absolutely timeless and you’ll see why as you listen through. While “IT’S REMBLE” solidified Remble’s talents and what he has to offer, it certainly deserves more love. Tracks like “Ruth’s Chris Freestyle” stand out significantly when compared to many of 2021’s releases. Remble and belated Drakeo The Ruler (Rest In Peace) complimented each other’s work insanely well over an eerie piece of production created by Viper Beats; The two go bar after bar in an unbelievable succession. Remble opens saying, “new bitches when I drop a new song.. I know some ****** that will but I know you won’t, I know some ****** that kill but I know you don’t”. His choice of digging deeper and deeper at his enemies ego’s, confidently, before Drakeo closes out the last minute of the song enhances the track progression without a doubt.

Since “IT’S REMBLE” fans have only received two singles, “Spazz” with G Percio and obviously “Rocc Climbing” featuring Lil Yachty helped to satisfy the urge for more. “Rocc Climbing” has gained over twenty one million streams on Spotify alone in just under four months, speaking towards Remble’s quick pace to the top of the charts. With this one, you get to witness the two really go back and forth, each exchange topping the last. Remble raps “It’s gonna be a long day if you watch the clock, you can either put your hands down or box the chop”, in other words, quit complaining. You're the only reason you're up here in the first place, it’s up to you. Go check out the visuals so you pick up on all the gems the two lay down in this collaboration.

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- Dyllon Adkerson