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How Gavin Haley is Changing the World of Pop and its Relationship with Sadboy Rap

We first came across Gavin Haley through his latest track with Yung Pinch. Signed to Red Bull Records, Gavin Haley blends the sounds of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran in a modern day Trevor Daniel fashion. This 19 year old pop artist out of Louisville can take over slow strumming guitar as well as upbeat, pop-inspired, bass-infused beats. If he continues to produce music at the caliber he is now, Gavin is guaranteed to rule the charts.


           Haley’s debut track of 2016, “Fades Away,” demonstrates how clearly he knew his niche from day one, and began his climb to the throne as the king of vibe-packed sad boy tracks. While artists often initially drop music that doesn’t truly reflect their potential, Gavin challenges this idea with this track. Opening with a slow strum, Gavin has some serious lyrics, first saying “I should stay away” with his patented dream-like vocals. Gavin continues explaining he “could say that I miss you but it wouldn't change” the fact that she loves someone else. The lyrics, though poetic and complex, are overshadowed by the incredibly passionate, yet gentle power his voice contains, capturing the listener and refusing to let them go until the final, melancholy note. To truly experience the magic of his voice, one must listen for themselves.


           Many more solid singles lead up to his October 2019 album,“Long Game.” Our personal favorite is “Jet Lag,” first released in 2018. A slow acoustic song where Haley expresses regrets on a past relationship, this is another great example of the variety and pure technique his voice possesses.  Going on to explain he realizes “what goes up must come down” and his lyrics once again wash over the listener, engulfing them in a tidal wave of their own emotions. In terms of pure statistical impact, this song, with over seven million streams, is a clear symbol of the success yet to come for Gavin Haley.


His most popular track to date, “The Way I Am”, features Ella Vos, an LA-based indie rock artist. Her somewhat raspy vocals complement Haley’s, creating a harmonious symphony of angelic vocalizations. On this song, Gavin discusses how his childhood and toxic masculinity have left him with deep-rooted issues when it comes to expressing his emotions in a healthy way.The fear and anxiety he deals with because of this somehow creates a pounding, attention grabbing backbone to the song, creating a perfect foundation for the layers of vocals to follow. With ten million plays, this piece perfectly demonstrates what Gavin Haley is capable of and how much untapped potential he truly has.


           Expect an album this year and a huge social media takeover for Gavin Haley this year. With his combination of talent, production, and execution, there is no doubt Haley will occupy his rightful throne as king of the charts any day now.


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