The Next Generation's Rap Rockstar Rising the Charts

Why Wesley's fast start hasn't been deterred, but rather heightened by a limited discography

Austin, Texas’ Miles Wesley is proving to the world that we all have some heartbreak to share. All 2019 he let it swing - releasing slap after slap. This year he’s been silent so far but his Instagram shows promise of more music to come, even some with more authentic sounding guitar tracks. Collaborating with artists such as Jutes, 12AM, and ripmattblack, plenty of new age rock stars similar to Mod Sun and Machine Gun Kelly are keeping rock alive and well in a hip hop presence.

All four of Miles songs nearly passed a million plays, four for four (and we aren't talking about Wendy's), and all in 2019. His biggest track Lil Mama goes insane and reached next to nine and a half million plays. He opens over guitar chords about how he "just took the top off the coupe," and asks his lil lady where to go. The chorus sings "Lil Mama wanna go, so i count my dough, this the life we chose, never coming home." The track also features today's hottest rising pop star Trevor Daniel, known for his Falling song. Obviously, a celebration song to "mix your drank and loud to."

6 Feet Under reminds me of an uppity Yung Pinch where Miles speaks on a story where he "almost lost his soul." He almost gave his "heart to a bitch who just wanna see [me] six feet under." He says "the devil is a woman," but he will result in fixing his problem "with a new bitch," thinking this one "won’t lie." This is a track where he explains falling for girls then says, they're no good but thinks the next will fix it or be different.

Breathe came out just November last year. A more versatile song where he raps about too much "smoke in the air making it hard to breathe." Questioning a girl "where she was when Miles had no one." Rapping about "all work no play having no fun" as a sacrifice. But he warns "this time next year i'll be out here," and tells her to not come near. In that moment, Miles Wesley explains his day to day consists of work and having no one, so knowing where he will be shortly he asks for no fakes to come around. A relatable song for many artists and entrepreneurs grinding to chase their dreams, this song will speak to you. Potentially why this song didn't reach the hype is because not many think or operate in this mamba mentality type of way.

Make sure to follow Miles Wesley @mileswesleyy on Instagram to see where 2020 takes him, we certainly believe in him, and as always make sure to check us out @engmtcent on all platforms to find your next favorite underground superstar!

- DA