The Must Add for Summer Playlists, Damien Styles

What does music for youth who cannot be controlled sound like? We think we found out...

           Fusing truth into reality is no easy task for anyone, especially for modern day artists with the surplus of platform availability. Luckily for fans and open-minded listeners, Damien Styles has accomplished just that. Spurring from Wichita, Kansas, an unusual hub for hip-hop and songsmith artists to arise from, Damien has been escaping the surrounding world through a creative and imaginative outlet for over three years now. Prior to establishing himself in California in 2018, shortly after high school Damien had already performed along accomplished artists such as E40, Curren$y, and Tech N9ne.


           Blending of styles and genre has become increasingly popular throughout the last several years, with the large movement throughout 2016 merging pop & hip-hop. However, Damien has taken this one step further with many songs portraying fundamentals of emo punk rock, while including absolutely wicked lyricism and word flow. Released in 2020, his track We Could Watch the World End encompasses his talent the best – as well as being his fourth most streamed song on Spotify.


           By far, thanks to social media marketing such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, American Paranoid Freak did numbers that other artists of Damien’s size couldn’t even imagine. Released only two months ago, the song has already surpassed 100,000 streams and is rapidly on it’s way towards 115k – being his most popular single release to date. With some saying his rhythmic patterns resemble those of Lil Peep and the rest of GBC, Damien took to social media arguing that although he holds much respect for GBC, he’s on a path to creating his own unique sound – and is certain he’s going to accomplish it.


           Big things are expected of DamienStyles, not only for the remainder of 2021, but for years to come. Keep up to date with him on his Instagram, @itsdamienstyles and us over at @engmtcent for more updates daily!


-      R.B.