The King of Wonk Returns - Ready to Break Expectations and Necks

Having been given a break from live music, the basshead community has high expectations for 2021 Festivals...

        As the 2021 COVID-19 friendly festival season approaches, it’s about time to revisit some of the producers and artists who really began to make a name for themselves prior to quarantine - but now are expected to headline. Although smaller venues have begun to open in recent months, hosting mostly smaller names & predominantly house music - nothing beats holding onto the front rail and melting from pyrotechnics and 12’ tall festival bass speakers. Having performed absolutely wickedly throughout early 2020, maintaining a steady crowd of fans, an enormous revival from quarantine is expected from the King of Wonk - Dirt Monkey.

With a short break allowing new tune creation, perfection of the craft, and even more weirdness, it’s without a doubt that post-quarantine EDM will be an entirely new era of dance music. Having been taken under the wing of the Insomniac Events organization and community back in 2018, Dirt Monkey’s been on a rise for a long time coming. His private and public discography is composed of tracks entailing many high profile names, having worked closely with artists and duos such as Ganja White Night, Illenium, and Jantsen. On top of this, prior to the release of Griztronics by Griz and Subtronics - Dirt Monkey co-headlined an entire domestic tour with Subtronics. In the previous year, Dirt Monkey has gained the support and approval of some of the largest names in the bass industry, such as Virtual Riot, Excision, and Downlink and even wilder and more chaotic track releases are expected to follow in short.

With any form of high energy and sporadic music, the basshead community finds ways to incorporate each and every artist onto a larger platform - and that’s exactly what happened. Providing festival lovers with unique, wonky, and authentic sounds, Dirt Monkey samples from sounds the community hasn’t heard since the entry level Monstercat artists released back in 2011. It becomes a fine line to walk without expanding into “experimental music” territory, but if there’s anyone to master the art of wonky - it’s Dirt Monkey.

Expect to see Dirt Monkey headlining throughout the festival season of 2021 and catch his new releases on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud - as well as his tour announcements on Instagram @dirtmonkeymusic. Make sure to check back with Enigmatic @engmtcent for some of the most up-roaring names of 2021!