The Incredible Voice of Dro Kenji Peaks Interest Across the Country

With the collaboration of so many vocal styles, is Dro Kenji here to stay?

This November South Carolina’s new voice Dro Kenji dropped an incredible album Tears and Pistols. The album is covered in singing and emotional rap mixed with drug talk. Dro first starting dropping in 2019 and has only worked with Internet Money’s Ty Fontaine and other underground rapper KobeKo. Ty Fontaine hopped on the new album as the only feature for the whole piece. The album has the Internet Money team and Taz Taylor writing a good majority of the project so we can expect much more from Dro to come.

Blowing You Down has Dro singing about his uncertainty and how he love to hard. Warning if you trust a bitch with your heart she gon rip it apart, so he’s off these drugs right now, higher than ever and he don’t wanna ever come down. Singing for the hook that he’s lost and but they’re still  telling him where to go. Ty Fontaine hops on to tone it down and say he don’t want that little hoe cuz she been getting around, instead he’s flipped her like a burger cause hes in and out. Despite the future it still isn’t the biggest track on the album.

Save Me which dropped 3 days prior to the album has completely pulled away. A love song where he asks his girl, save me before I discipate baby. Knowing that his AP look crazy, he can make it precipitate for you. He says his heart never needed love but all these thots done broke my heart asking her to not participate baby. Dro explains he never needed anyone but it’s been to long and needs someone to save him.

Dro is easily on his way to the top, make sure to check him out @drokenji and give the album a listen. Check us out @engmtcent for more content!

- DA