Continuously creating the unparalleled.

Michigan born “HOMELESS STAR”, Sam Austins, has shocking authenticity that is entirely unmatched with today’s music. From 2017 with “FIJI”, Sam Austins’ first release, his ability to create unheard of before art has skyrocketed. Even back in 2017, he had proved to have something others did not. His production & delivery was set up in a way that seemed uncommon at that time, almost as if he was ahead of the industry, time traveler-esque. 

Sam Austins opened the 2022 year up with his single “KILOS”, where he explains “the summer heat is coming fast” so he’s going to “trade my (his) toys in for a strap”. The track seems to bring listeners in closer for a day in the life with Sam, while being “in the hood” with his “bro’s”, because it’s a place “they move KILOS” and he “needs those”. Sam sings that he hasn’t “slept in a month”, and now can “feel all the noise outside”, that “these fireworks sound like the fourth of July”. “KILOS” seems to come off as a very trippy song with many messages and questions - yet leaves no clear answers.

Dropped as promo for what’s to come on the album, Sam Austins dropped “JOY FOR YOUTH” featuring Sir Chloe, an incredible indie rock band from Bennington, Vermont. The two collaborated so well together, complimenting each other's work singing about being happy for the Youth. Sam Austins sings “I have joy for youth”, reassuring everyone that “we’ll turn out fine”. Sam dives a little deeper explaining that he’s “breaking out the darkness” but he’s “just looking for the spark” to do so. “JOY FOR YOUTH” is all about starting fresh, feeling happy and losing yourself in euphoric oblivion.

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