The Hip-Hop Mecca's Next Superstar

The late teens phenom ready to take the next step in 2020

Justin Rarri, the late teens rapper out of the Bronx, New York, is steadily dropping quality music in turn carving out quite the reputation as he makes a platform for himself. Since late 2018, when Rarri released his debut single Opps, we have seen one debut project and two additional singles. While each has their entirely different and unique sound, you can still distinctly tell when you're listening to a Justin Rarri track. With a similar, singy yet auto-tuned style to his Brooklyn counterpart A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Rarri manages to go from high tone to a more emotional vocal package depending on the beat he’s on. Singing on deep subjects, along with the ability to sing, Rarri is the next following this proven label blueprint, with his own Bronx twist on it, to blow next out of the Big Apple.

Rarri’s first track, mentioned previously, in Opps has now reached nearly 2 million plays. W2LEEZY was also released prior to his debut project 4EVARARRi and reached upwards of 11 million plays as Rarri’s lead single. Then with the release of 4EVARARRi it has surfaced at around 21.5 million plays, with good reason.

As the track slowly builds up for the first forty seconds of the song teasing trap drums and good lyrics, the bass hits right in time as Rarri gets going saying “fuck all the opps coming out trynna be friends” they just see his money and now want to be cool. W2LEEZY is basically Rarri’s diss on all the people hating from outside his circle that show all love to his face, explaining the iconic “BX” borough where he’s from doesn’t have much going on positively compared to what he has going on for himself in his music.

The album goes on to include hits like 8LBS and TREESHA that have reached millions of plays as well. Regardless of the numbers, one of the wildest pieces of work that goes without getting as much love as is deserved is the track MORE THAN BESTFRIENDS. The track goes from light to heavy really quick where you can just feel the poetry in Rarri’s thoughts as the bass hits. Explaining his relationship with a girl who wishes to be more than friends, he puts his best Drake impression on when saying “Baby and she love me with a new car, /  She didn’t really “fuck wit me way back when, but how bout now?” as we get another quality track about fake people loving you when they see you doing good.

When it comes to Justin’s 2020, early singles such as STRONG ft. Lil Poppa, highlights Rarri rapping a bit faster with less voice change and a steady pace as he continues to evolve. The single opens up with Rarri rapping she left him with a “broken heart” that had him “breakin’ down bad” on his birthday. The newest addition from as recently as this month is RICCHEZZA that is all bars and an attitude change from Rarri’s past music. Catch lines like “I don't got patience, she can leave me right now don’t care no,” where Justin is feeling himself and once again rapping more upbeat while showcasing his raw talent as a rapper. There’s another star out of the Bronx coming very soon, with the next project release all Rarri needs is a big feature and to keep playing the game the way he is before he’s on his way to his first tour.

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