The Hidden Gem Being Backed by One of the Industry's Best Producers

A hidden soundcloud gem on the fast track to fame

Yung Divide, the young artist from FINDDDD, while still balancing out and finding his own pocket for his respective sound, blends the lines of a Yung Pinch infused with the persona of a younger Lil Mosey as he opens up his own lane. Slowly and steadily climbing up in plays and professionalism, Divide shows boat loads of promise and potential.


Starting in just April of 2019, with a resume of 8 songs and only one feature on Told You with Ryster, Divide’s early catalog sports three standout songs produced by industry staple Nick Mira. Arguably the hottest producer right now especially for the sad rap scene Mira’s willingness to work with an underground artist in Divide early on in his career speaks volumes by itself. His track CatchingVibes to date has reached nearly half a million plays, an impressive feat for Divide’s first ever release. He speaks on his mom saying he “can make it” as well as the reassuring “brightness in her eyes.” The song itself is an uplifting vibe where Divide sings about “catching vibes” no matter where he’s at in his career, up or down.


Alone is our personal favorite at Enigmatic, you can tell Nick Mira’s mood played a part both in terms of the production and lyrical direction too. A sad song that came out just this past January, Divide says he “can’t stand” her but she’s “always on my(his) mind.”Reminiscing on “all the lies” while she looked him “in the eyes.” The ‘yung’ rapper has the proven track record that shows he can work with big dogs but don’t fool yourself, Divide himself is one of the big dogs, even coming with his own production skills like in his song “BackTo You,” showcasing yet another tool on his belt when he’s in the booth.


His latest single to drop entitled Flex, which dropped in March, is some real heat and further highlights a trend in progression that explodes off the chart and through the roof. Divide bodies the beat singing that he’s “working for myself don’t got no bosses.” A catchy flow with crazy bars, Divide doesn’t waste any time showcasing his promise in the industry again and again with each new track we get from him.

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