The Freshest Face in Hip-Hop Influence - Patrick Cc:

Follow Patrick's journey from YouTuber, influencer, producer, to creating some of the most idiosyncratic albums of it's kind!

Patrick Cc, an influencer out of New Jersey has been curating masterpiece after masterpiece. Patrick Cc’s been doing the most this year dropping two albums just three months apart, bringing together more than thirty artists from all over on his first project “Launch Sequence”. The sixteen track project did incredible, giving most of these underground talents more streams than their top songs alone. Patrick continues to do what’s not been done at the higher levels than anyone would project.

The album “Launch Sequence” first track brings together skaiwater from the U.K., and Jonah Zed from Toronto. It’s incredible for someone to not only identify this level of talent so early on, but also connect the two and create something so virtuous, titling it “Black Hole Sun”. This track actually gained the most attention, racking up over one million two hundred thousand streams on Spotify. However, this doesn’t do justice for the amount of talent on this project, so go listen for yourself. His second album “24” dropped just two months ago during May of 2021 and is on track to have a similar impact with these up and comers. “24” features some artists on an even earlier part of their career, yet has arguably equal improved quality from Patrick’s first album; Depending on your tastes, the diversity gap has proved to be enormous.

Obviously, it’d be a massive challenge to simply put together an album by asking some of their favorite artists to feature on a song and boost it to the top of the discography. Patrick Cc didn’t just start overseeing albums, after years of innovation in his own YouTube channel and promoting others in turn worked out well for him in the long game. Looking closely, you'll see many videos titled, “TOP 10 SADBOY SOUNDCLOUD RAP SONGS!”. While there’s thousands of videos in this market, no one dove as deep as Patrick or hit on as many future stars. Patrick was there for the massive Soundcloud wave and did better A&R work than many labels, hence why he’s making albums at this point in time & who knows what’ll come next.

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