The 'City on the Move' Puts a Fresh Face in the Spotlight

Out to forge a legacy of his own, Lil Poppa is up next for the River City!

     Jacksonville, Florida’s very own Lil Poppa is ready to shake things up for his city, big things. While Jacksonville itself has been on a hot streak with several smaller named artists - breaking into mainstream seems to remain undone; However, Lil Poppa is well on his way to becoming a name on every playlist. From collaborations he chooses, to the stories he’s telling, it’s certain there’s something different here, walking a different line than most.

     After releasing four albums and eight singles over the course of four years, it’s become evident that persistence pays. The growth in Lil Poppa’s music from then to now is somethingto take into account, but his latest project “Blessed, I Guess” is more than enough to make you a fan. The album contains only two features, one of fellow Jacksonville artist Seddy Hendrix, as well as a highly streamed collaboration, Toosii, from Syracuse, NY. Lil Poppa went wild on the drawing board, leaning away from the traditions within hip-hop culture in order to expand his fan base to something much more variant.

     A.M. Flights, featuring Toosii, opens with Lil Poppa asking “can you heal my hurt baby”, “smoking on presidential bud” but he needs her to be his “first lady”. Telling the story to his girl,  he warns her “don’t get mad when you can't come” on this “sprinter van”. Poppa continues sprinkling bars in before Toosii hops in to slow the pace, lyricizing that he’ll give her what she needs before he’s “gotta leave in the morning”. Overall, the track describes the story where Lil Poppa tells his girls to wait and he’ll “call when” he “finish performing”, in order to stay focused on the rise.

     Lil Poppa kept a theme with A.M. Flights and Love & War, where he’s asking his girl to hold it out just a little longer. Poppa asks his girl to “come ride with him so he can tell her how he’s feeling”, explaining he “keeps his distance” cause he “f****s with her the long way”, but “before he’s able to have you by my(his) side, it’s facetime kisses”. He asks before she “buckles up” if “you down to die with it(him)”, cause there’s people out there “wanna kill” him.

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