The Aussie Star Headed Straight for the Billboard Charts

With a debut project on the way, The Kid Laroi is sending waves through the industry all the way from down under

With the passing of Juice WRLD this past December, an absolute tragedy and a sad day that will be remembered forever filling the hearts of so many faithful music lovers with disbelief, it feels as if the music world is still reeling to find some glimpse of that lost voice.

Juice had incredible, once in a generation talent as we all know but behind the scenes, he had a team that was just as spectacular. After his passing, the team has a lot of free space, knowledge, and big connections within their label. All assets that they’ve began to use to help the hottest thing out of Australia in a long time (maybe the only thing?), The Kid LAROI, take the next step.

LAROI gained full attention of a powerhouse management team highlighted by Lil Bibby and his brother now working hands on with the Aussie directly. The now fresh, uber talented sixteen-year-old is set to make quite the run passed everybody in 2020, including having not one but two Lyrical Lemonade videos already in the past half a year.

In August 2019 Blessings dropped and although this track sounds nothing like the current LAROI everyones talking about, his next track (and just his SECOND song ever) “Let Her Go” shows his unique and crazy sounding voice. While a very catchy tune, the lyrics don’t exactly make sense on the surface, but maybe that’s the point. On genius Laroi stated that he just liked Micheal Jackson as the reason for the hook name dropping the pop icon, and so much can be said about Laroi’s passion for making music fun and enjoyable for his fans without so much being about the lyrics itself. However, his next track was something else, straight bars and a huge feature, it was this song that LAROI totally changed my perception (and the perception of many doubting him) as I too could now feel the talent he possesses.

The track we’re referring to is of course LAROI’s Diva featuring Lil Tecca, the teenage Ransom rapper who broke onto the scene around this time last year. Opening up with “That little bi*** a diva, fucking leave her,” the song leaves its mark strongly and early on to establish mood as this lady-killer type of song. We can hear the parallels to artists like Juice WRLD, Lil Skies, and even his counterpart on the song itself in Tecca when it comes to delivery, overall sound, and flow.

Laroi once again mentions Micheal Jackson, who with now two name drops in as many releases tells us he must be some sort of idol for the Aussie native, rapping “shorty is a dancer I’m not talking Billie Jean hoe.” Laroi goes on to showcase his ability to change flows from rapping to singing on a dime, similarly to how Juice could so effortlessly too within the same track as he sings “We know,” in between bars like “she wanna be us,” saying that's “why she wanna see us.” One more time, he surprises us and shows why he can eventually be on top. Laroi takes the song over the top going bar for bar with Tecca to close the song.

Laroi obviously knows from a marketing standpoint how to use names and add them in his lyrics, and at the young age of 16 too, and why not go with what’s hip and popular to incorporate it into your music? The latest track from the Aussie Addison Rae, yes named after the famous Tik Toker, was set to be on as part of the track that dropped March 22. Laroi dropped it himself with no features although there are pictures of the two in the studio together. The track features Laroi for the most part singing and killing it, with it being fresh out I recommend you listen for yourself at least a few times through. Reaching 4.5 million streams in just about two weeks, expect much more with help of possibly the biggest creator in Rae on what’s currently the world’s fastest growing platform.

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