Testing the 'Waters' of the Modern Pop World

Exploring the talented Curtis Waters quick rise up the charts after moving to America from halfway across the world

Curtis Waters, just having moved to America less than three years ago in 2017, is now one of the most buzzing, talked about pop sensations in the world and with good reason. Is he the most famous of artist just yet? Of course not. However if you look at artists with similar sound and career trajectory such as Arizona Zervas, where one minute he was climbing slowly and the next mentioned by influencers such as NELK, Curtis has only three songs but is on a similar path. With one of those three tracks having over 77 million streams and the others all sit around half a million plays, but are fairly fresh off the release too, there's clearly immense potential there. 


His hit song entitled Stunnin’ features smaller pop star Harm Franklin, another incredible talent that’s been working on his craft since way back to 2016 too. Harm began with a bbno$feature (that’s a sign in of itself) and has also received a feature from Nessly. While Harm leans towards the hip hop/pop line on this track, you can’t deny he helped bring his own flavor to it. Overall, the collaboration of the two together is genius with the elaborate beat created by Curtis himself as well as producer Declan Hoy, an incredible producer and visual artist you should check out, as the two seem to work together often.


Stunnin begins with a fading and vibey drum beat where Curtis raps about “ice on his “neck” and being a “pretty boy.” Saying he’s a “bad boy” like “McLovin” (from Superbad). Harm wraps it up with bars of his own like “she got a peach on her, but she ain’t a princess,” after going from being a “hot boy” to “street gorgeous” now if you want to see him you have to “book an appointment.”


Curtis’ third release, The feelings tend to stay the same, is also produced by the pair Curtis and Declan but is a much sadder, slowed song with more meaning behind it. As many huge stars usually do, Curtis released some catchy stuff to introduce fans to his sound then shows what he’s really made of with a few follow ups such as this track. He’s explaining in the chorus that his memories “fade away” and he “can’t recall what you [she] said” yet still “the feelings [for her] tend to stay the same,” all while questioning how he can forget but still “miss you.” An overall incredible heartbreak song that Curtis seemed to finish leaving nothing on the table emotionally, this track is a true lyrical masterpiece.


Do expect however some ‘all over’ type of sounding music that's untraditional in a sense from this fast-rising sensation. What better example of this than his track System, completely produced by himself with help from writers features Curtis yelling he’s “bout to fuck the system up,” and that he’s not anyone’s “product” and he isn’t going to be “buying prada” while his “people hurt,” referring directly to America and music industry labels as the “system” he’s speaking on. Being from Nepal originally and moving back and forth to Germany as a kid, its assumed that Curtis is saying he won’t be just money and advertisement for a broken system like many in the industry are, he’s ready to change it.


We can't wait to see what’s to come from Curtis next. Make sure to check him, Harm Franklin, and Declan Hoy out @imcurtiswaters, @harmfranklin, and @_0h_ on Instagram and follow us @engmtcent for more from your next favorite artist.