Teezo Touchdown, The Unplaceable

What differentiates genre in the modern scene? Hopefully Teezo can fill us in...

The small city of Beaumont, Texas has the music industries next experimental artist on the come up. Teezo Touchdown’s music truly tends to stay outside normal elements, making it hard to place any sort of genre or vibe onto his music. Listen to any one of his tracks since just November 8th of 2019 and find yourself confused. Is it off beat? Or off base? No one cares because it’s catchy and new.

In Strong Friend, listen to a common guitar loop with distant, reverb yelling from Teezo that seems so far but works its way into your head after a few plays. On this track Teezo talks to his strong friend who’s going through hell but no one can tell cause they never tell. Teezo is telling listeners to check on your strong friends because they might be going through more than they show. This is one example where a song by Teezo may seem meaningless, but attention to detail tells a whole other story.

Teezo Touchdown wants to warn, you better be careful, cause these hoes… can be an earful. On the song Careful, listeners get to see Teezo go over a more traditional beat than normal, although we still get Teezo’s distant high pitched careful baby over and over, we also get 808’s. He warns you better not break my heart, and admits his problem is that his heart the size of a man. Teezo raps about telling all his insecurities and his fears of losing someone he opened so much up for.

Teezo keeps finding himself in these situations where 5 minutes in he’s already giving up his information, unable to hold himself back when all the girls are all ten’s. The latest single Technically, is all about these situations. The track has passed 50 thousand plays in just 10 days and is on track to be one of his bigger songs to date.

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- D.A.