Tallahassee Rapper Sheds Light on a Dreary City

Tallahassee Pain (T. Pain) might have to make some room after the Ace Volar explosion

Tallahassee, Florida isn’t exactly known for much more than the Florida State Seminoles, but the rise of Ace Volar threatens to change that. The 21 yer old isn’t exactly new to the game but his sound definitely is. With tracks dating back to 2015, 6 years later we get to hear what true consistency and sleepless weeks perfecting your craft sounds like. However, 2020 has not been a quiet year for Ace. February brought a crazy EP Los World featuring 6 tracks, one having gained over 120 thousand streams. The song Violence has Volar rapping over a vocal loop about how his mother kicked him out the house but he landed on the grass - "but that s*** was mad greener getting a wife who’s a bad Gina". Ace says he always came back with some hits the game needed. He got a rollie on and he ain’t sign yet just out there straight wilding. Ace got in his feelings just to tell us "Everything’s OK". We’ve all been there when asked what’s wrong, he responds by saying it’s all OK. Ace explains his vans super dirty but it’s cool because he skates, "getting asked to do a theme song, but he just wants to make a me song". Taking percs given to me by the doctor, except he take two now. While Ace is explaining just how OK he is, Kwajo has a different approach, leaning away from the hook to rap he’s full speed ahead, all gas no breaks, the bros doing good and his momma feel great. The latest track Miss My, rapping about how Ace misses his brother. He reminisces on how his brother and him used to be up rapping all night, starving, up in apartments. He Always kept a big glock, a big nine, telling em to try and see who get shot. Ace says he just never thought that he would be the one to get got. He talks about how the phone call hurt and now he’s sitting in a studio, with it on his right. Taking what they could’ve done and doing it himself, for Ace it’s bigger than it ever used to be, doing this for the people he misses.

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