Sydny August

Stretching the confines of R&B.

After just over four years of releasing music, last July Sydny August dropped her first single under Only The Family Entertainment (OTF). Making her the first, if not one of very very few females with the label (OTF). The Chicago born and raised artist flipped the switch, bringing fans clean visuals and reminding listeners what they’ve been waiting for all this time. After only hearing three Sydny August tracks last year, speculations of a big project for this year look promising.

Sydny August appeared on “The Voice (Deluxe)” to spice up Lil Durk’s Love You” to kick off last New Year (2021). Durk slowed it down on this track, explaining how he’s “never been in love this deep” and he’s thinking they’re “made for each other”, just before Sydny hops on to share another side where “feelings got deep” but her love “got bored”. Sydny August really transforms songs into records, consistently dropping gems and adding unnecessarily necessary adversity to everything she touches.

On July 9th Sydny released her first single under OTF “How Does It Feel?”, where she asks just that, almost questioning her love’s feelings towards herself. Sydny expresses going  through confrontation, “thinking about saying what my heart has been feeling” but she has “these voices in her head”. Sydny August has some of the prettiest production & writing instilled works amongst her genre today, that require you to fully listen to in order to paint the full picture. 

Lei Dominque, another Chicago artist collabed with Sydny to bring us “BBY”, the last glance we got at Sydny in 2021. Lei Dominique goes in to sing that “there ain't no man like you, ain’t no woman like me”, explaining the love for her “BBY”. Sydny comes in differently, saying she’s “never been in love, but I’ve (Sydny’s) been through too much”, warning that they both “know what” she “want, so watch what you say”. It’s clear Sydny August and Lei Dominique have already created a synergy amongst each other with just two songs released and hopefully much more to come.

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