Orlando Native Making Waves in Emo Rap Game

How the 407 Product has gone from being a buzzing young teenager to underground rap staple in two short years

As an upcoming Puerto Rican rapper who began his legacy at just the age of 16 years old in Orlando, FL, the sunshine state native Svrite’s sound can be compared to the beloved XXXTENTACION. Blending harmonious melodies and soft beats with an energetic screamo-metal vibe and crazy hooks, Svrite has been improving steadily since the release of his first single in 2018 entitled Reverse.

Svrite’s second release titled Jiggy is what really got him rolling though. As an upbeat tune with a chill background beat that allows Svrite to really go in, even though its only 1 minute 20 seconds long it gives audiences a tease as to where, why, and what he talks about from the chorus going “Oh shit this kids really nice with the flow.” The diversity and X comparisons though really began with his release of BANDS produced by NXSTY. The track features Svrite starting quiet and almost scratchy as he yells “I got big bans, she want fuck tell her get up off my dick huh.” A sound that blends a hard cross between metal and rap, which is becoming increasingly popular with the help of artists like GOODMORNINGTOKYO’s quick rise to stardom here in 2020, highlight the track.

In 2020, Svrite has left several slaps for his fans early on. The first being Vibe, which is a definite add to your playlist as the whole track is quite literally a “vibe.” Another less rock, yet more rap-centralized song, it’s got a catchy chorus containing lyrics where Svrite sings “Vibe, its a vibe, its a fucking vibe, move it side to side, move it side to side.” From here, the Orlando product dissects the track and begins adding more substance bar for bar. Rapping “she get excited like uh, she wanna ride it like uh.” Just this July however, he released HOVID-69 featuring PRXJEK, the second of our “must adds” to your daily cycle.

In HOVID-69, Svrite takes off over an alarm-sounding, 808 heavy beat hyping himself up by screaming “YEAH, HUH” before beginning with “Fuck on her face, she get face.” The second verse begins with PRXJEK rapping, as the beat cuts and then begins with “Cut your face off, with a chainsaw, bitch I hate you.” A dark-twisted screamo rap song, this is what’s slowly building and growing within the underground world.

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