Towers Teases New Project

Towers Finally Gives Fans 'Dope and A Baby' 

With his latest projects on the verge of its drop, and a primetime performance at Miami's Rolling Loud Festival this weekend, Danny Towers hard work in the industry is finally starting to pay its dividends.

After teasing the release of the song and its visuals as far back as January, Towers finally gave his diehard and loyal fans the single they had been waiting for in 'Dope and A Baby' on Friday. The song has the feel of a summer hit and surely shows off Towers dynamic vocal range and unique sound he's been crafting in the last year.

Along with his Rolling Loud set, which was a fan favorite among many in attendace, the Members Only labelmate is set to headline Enigmatic's Summer Nights Vol. 1 show next month at downtown Orlando concert venue The Social.

Make sure to catch this fast rising Orlando artist as he will continue to capitalize on his rapid rise and hard work.