Sparatanburg, South Carolina's Hottest Celebrity Not Named Zion

Catching up to date with the South Carolina native's latest work and partnership with 300 Entertainment

NGeeYL, the Spartanburg, South Carolina native, is the South’s most promising underground street rapper since Lil Keed and his successful rise to stardom over the past two years. Bringing his own twist to the modern Southern rap scene with hard-nosed lyrics over stellar production, his latest project entitled Live Ammo dropped July 1st and has been making waves ever since. The young rapper’s biggest hit to date in Lullaby features another Atlanta up and comer in Young Nudy, surpassing over 836,000 plays in less than three weeks since its release.

In fact in just a few days NG has not one, but two tracks passing 110K plays (the others being Firefly and Real Smoke). The rapper is already signed to one of the South’s largest management labels in 300 Entertainment, meaning he has the Young Thug and YSL cosign as a partner. Thus explaining the similar sound, talent, and features as other YSL superstars, the Spartanburg native may hail from an uncommon spot for talent, yet his music speaks for itself with potential to reach a mainstream audience.

Digging into NGeeYL’s beginning, the progression in his heat pops out just as much as his voice does when he hits the booth. His first single ever, Torch, has much more of a 21 Savage meets Key Glock vibe as opposed to his sound on his newest release which blends nicely with more of the YSL vibe to date. Torch certainly had some hard bars, but NGeeYL has come a long way to where he’s sitting right now. Highlighting a plethora of tools he uses, his most impressive is the ability to sound like two different artists all in one song. Listen to Diddibop Gang as NG raps “He not a gangster he going through a phase, I got a chopper it cut like a blade” then transition into a high pitched YSL pitch with even harder bars to see what we mean. The clean, complete, professional sounding song reached nearly 300 thousand plays and catapulted NG onto bigger radars and really set the tone for what was to come.

In 2019 his first album Hiatus dropped, including his first big features from Chicago artist Valee on Lick as well as Lullaby, mentioned previously, featuring Young Nudy. 2020 has by far been NG’s hardest year, the release of “Live Ammo” has been insane not only in substance but attention it’s gained too.

Off his latest work, NGeeYL destroyed the track Kawasaki, featuring Lil Keed, from start to finish. As usual he uses two entirely different tones, from opening chorus rapping “Kawasaki, ride it like a Kawasaki, Got a little red bitch, she look like a hot tamale”, to deeper melodic bars like “Pull up with this fucking flame, I don't care if you thirty deep, Bitch, you think I'm in Miami and I ain't bring my heat.” Another standout track entitled Sweep, produced by Jetsonmade, is equally as popular with NG stating, “my momma ain’t raise no hoe, pull up we want smoke, slide with draco, slide back the van door.” Two of the larger songs (in popularity) off the album though are Firefly, a deeper song where NG expresses his grind and confidence, and Real Smoke, a hi hat infused, hype trap song for the “real rap” lovers.

Certainly one that’s destined to be up next, make sure to go follow NGeeYL on social media @ngeeyl and us @engmtcent for the latest and greatest coming out of the South.