South Florida's Superstar and Purple Rain Disciple

How DaniLeigh has steadily built herself a internationally recognized platform with her generational talent

As we continue to see the revitalization of the R&B meets modern hip-hop/pop music world through new avenues like trap soul and more, there’s very few doing it at as high of a level as South Florida native DaniLeigh.


An absolute standout talent that does it all from singing, to dancing, even directing, and more the twenty-four-year old got her initial break from a close collaboration with the iconic Prince. Certainly not too shabby of a mentor to have as a young woman in the music industry as the late, great Purple Rain transcendent visionary!


Fast forward six years later to the present and DaniLeigh’s stamped her name on everything from collaborations with the likes of ChrisBrown, DaBaby, and G-Eazy to a debut album in The Plan back in late November of 2018. With upwards of 5.5 million listeners and tracks in her discography approaching nearly 100 million streams, the South Florida product has skyrocketed to stardom all while staying true to herself through top-tier creativity and a proven work ethic.


Her sound is a unique blend (on a track to track basis) from a drill-rap approach like on her latest single Dominican Mami to once in a generation vocal range like on her platinum hit Easy. Standing out to us the most though are tracks off her last project such as Yo No Se where she pays tribute to her South Florida roots by embracing a more latin trap and reggaeton style too. She shows the lyrical ability and differentiating in her flow or delivery to continue to blend the lines of hip-hop, pop, and R&B effortlessly too.


When it comes to her visuals and creative direction on most of her work as well, this same trend continues to present itself. From highly choreographed routines like in the visuals for Levi High to her own cinematic, auteur eye she’s developed since her late teens DaniLeigh shows potential in her entire creative arsenal to one day rival even the likes of a Beyonce. Its truly just a pleasure to watch an artist do what they do best, create.


Needless to say whatever direction she takes her sound in on any particular track, Dani’s ability to bring her versatility to the forefront of any song she jumps on is what makes her star continue to shine brighter and brighter by the day. With new music sure to be coming sometime here in the second half of 2020, or maybe even early 2021 (depending on COVID-19’s impact) we should all look for her to take the next step up real soon.


Oozing confidence from head to toe, whether its in the booth or on stage, its clear the early twenties rager is only beginning to scratch the surface of her potential in the early stages of her music career. As we continue to see a new age in music entertainment ushered in with other female cohorts such as Meg The Stallion, City Girls, Summer Walker, and more begin to dominate the charts there’s no telling just how high she can climb. There’s no one out there except herself that’ll control her meteoric rise from here on out.


Make sure to keep up with the South Florida product’s latest releases on social media @iamdanileigh or with us here at @engmtcent too.