South Florida Native Taking Over the Alt-Rap Game

Reviewing the -TRAGEDY+ rapper's latest success in the wake of a nationally co-headlining tour

$NOT, one of the hottest up and comers out of Lake Worth, Florida, is not the easiest artist to find info on social media let alone interpret his diverse and authentic musical discography. His work ranges from ‘don’t give a fuck turnt up’ music to a semi ‘in your feels’ older Kid Cudi vibe, as seen on his debut project -TRAGEDY+. Dropping in March of 2020 while on tour with Jasiah, the project has done some serious damage. We love showing what this state has to offer and here’s one of the finest when it comes to modern, punk rock influenced hip-hop and rap.

While the lead single off the project GOSHA officially dropped as a single back in 2018, the track didn’t seize the attention it commands nowadays, sitting presently at nearly 70 million streams. $NOT added this to the album but it truthfully isn’t even his best work on it, even if the numbers suggest otherwise. Tracks like MEGAN, BERETTA (ft. Wifisfuneral), and Moon & Stars (ft. Maggie Lindemann) are all songs that came before the drop of -TRAGEDY+  as a lead up of sorts to something as special as this album we ended up getting. Even the marketing and promotion set by himself and his label, 300 Entertainment, an independent record label that works with the likes of Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Keed, Paris Shadows and many more superstars was flawless.

The artistry behind this tight-hoodied rapper you all know him as is incredible. He has gained a remarkable cult following through his singles alone. Known to delete social media posts and leave not too much to see besides the music, the closed off, introverted individual he is (all the way down to his black hoodie) only works to attract more people to his unique fanbase with this mysterious moniker.

Overall, this debut project is kind of dark and sad reminding me of a younger Kid Cudi crossed with some Earl Sweatshirt. Moon & Stars being a personal favorite of the team here at Enigmatic, $NOT says he can “take” her to the “moon and stars,” explaining in other words that he's going places and asks if this woman “wanna go far with me?  With bars like “I see my name in the back, now I'm in the fuckin' front, Two-door coupe foreign, no roof, with a blunt,” his wordplay and delivery is uniquely different, unlike anyone else in the game right now. $NOT does this all over a slow humming beat and even incorporates some R&B singing from his feature in Maggie Lindemann to sum up the song, with her acting as the woman responding to $NOT’s storytelling.

ROADRUNNER + is another huge takeaway track that belongs on any hip-hop fan’s playlist. This one brings me back to when Cudi would have crazy lyrics and beats that would change pace throughout, many are incapable of successfully showing their versatility in such a dynamic fashion on one track. $NOT has the deep voice and bars to kill it, from bringing in relevant names inside bars like “Bullets they bald, bullets they bald like Amber Rose”  to simple lines including “You a dumb nigga , leave a hole in your chest.” then a killer chorus to finish it off $NOT demonstrates he really can do it all.

After recently deleting his Instagram last month, make sure to give him a follow while he’s here now @snot (he might not stay for long) and us @engmtcent on all social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest from this talented Florida artist.