Rising 407 Group Pushes Back on Genre Definition

With so much uniqueness, is seeyousoon selecting a path or paving a road?

After first introducing you to one of Orlando’s finest up and coming groups seeyousoon a few
months back as one of our honorable mentions for winners at the halfway mark of 2020, it’s safe
to say that the underground juggernauts have taken the next step in becoming one of Orlando’s
powerhouse music groups with the release of their debut collaborative project entitled VIDÉ.
A 14 track, 33 minute offering for their ever increasing fanbase VIDÉ is a hypnotic blend of
eclectic sounds, out of the box deliveries, and other-worldly energy laced hooks from start to
finish. Each and every track from BEN AFFLECK, to STEAMY, and everything in between is its
own unique journey and true one of one creation.
What’s most fun about the eight member group is the impressive versatility and creativity that
each possesses and shows off on a track to track basis. Never once does one member sound
the same as they did as the track before, scratch that, the bar before. Blending the likes of
traditional rap, modern pop rap, and even an indie alt sound there really isn’t much the 407
group can’t do, truly housing something for all music lovers no matter your genre preference.
An interesting blend of sounds that span the entire United States, elements of certain songs
such as their most popular hit to date in BEN AFFLECK have a clear Midwest punk and
alternative influence. Whereas, tracks such as 47 feature a sound that aligns more with a West
Coast alt-indie meets modern rap sound. Even tracks such as ATROPHIED feature a more
mainstream pop meets R&B sound.
No matter how you may feel about VIDÉ, there’s one thing we can all agree on. They’re officially
here to stay, and will only continue to grow overnight. Where as little as three months ago
seeyousoon still had a lot to prove in the industry, there’s now no doubting the through the roof
potential many already saw on early releases such as ICFWT now that we’re post-release of
their debut project.
Let’s keep rooting for our hometown heroes to be and for the moment enjoy incredibly great
music in an incredibly uncertain time in all of our individual lives.
Make sure to check out this polarizing, genre bending group on social media @videtemox as
well as keep up to date with us here @engmtcent on all social media platforms for the latest
and greatest in all things underground music.