Riding the Wave with Huntington Beach's Finest

A uniquely different West coast vibe, we're spending our Friday riding the wave of this young artist's music

Yung Pinch, the artist whom often refers to himself as the “beach boy,” hails from Huntington Beach, California and has the West Coast vibes meet hype rap music to match his beach town roots. If you listen to his music you can hear his personality truly come out on each song he touches from the vocals, to the beats, and more.

Making that even clearer with tracks like Lingo off his Back To The Beach album that dives into his lingo and explains to a girl “that’s just how I talk, they gon hang on every syllable,” which for his fans is all the more true.

Pinch has really established himself over the years and carved out a nice cult following in part to collaborating with many of the industry's biggest artists including Wiz Khalifa, Good Charlotte, Blackbear, Guapdad 4000, Lil Skies, and G-Eazy. Of his collaborations, you can hear the similarities to an artist like Lil Skies the most, with a comparable fan base to match.

What’s so unique about him as a performer and artist is when Pinch comes to your city he has all his real fans there, and when he drops a single, it’s the same story. His people really rep and put on for him. One doesn’t even have to think to question it or think about it twice. As for those who love the beach and the sounds and style of music in a more modern way, definitely give it a try.

While Beach Ballin featuring blackbear. off the new album seem pretty straight forward in their underlying meaning or intention, songs like Cross My Mind are far from it demonstrating his creative range all on the same body of work. Opening the song an automated voicemail announcing he has “ 714 missed calls” from a voicemail reading we’re let into the mind of Pinch deciding between two different types of girls for.

One hopes to see him again saying that she “had the time of my(her) life with you(Pinch) last night”. The second an unhappy girl saying this is the “last message I’m(she’s) leaving” Pinch as she says the others just want his money and fame. The beat then picks up with Pinch saying “Same time that you Cross My Mind I was getting top from a new bit**”, basically explaining he has options and a sense of youth he wishes to explore that's evident in lines like being at “the club with your girlfriends” then reminiscing on the “old days” while “pulling up to my new crib.”

This is one of his more traditional, rap styled songs but we recommend you give his old and new stuff a try as with an artist as experimental and versatile as himself, his stuff is never the same. There’s some Pinch out there for everyone.

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