Reviving The DMV Scene With One Artist At A Time

Showjoe has set out to prove that #WeirdKidsChangeTheWorld ! Read more...

            Reinstating raw elemental talent based out of the DMV, this sublet of hip-hop flies under the radar for the most part – hence the crucial and time sensitive necessity of keeping the culture capital full of vitality. With no major artists spurring from the area since the golden days of Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy, XanMan, and Black Cobain, the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area is next up for a Billboard artist to step into the limelight – as Mumbo sauce can only do so much good. Having just graduated high school from Fairfax County, Virginia in 2020, Showjoe is a first-year student at Long Island University who’s decided to not only take just his athletics as a Long Island Shark seriously, but also his entry into the industry.

           Major streaming site publications, such as Spotify or Apple Music date back only as far as 2019 with his first album release of seven tracks, labeled Showjoe, – proving Joe has only begun to build his industry appearance. Having moved from a minor culture capital to a much larger one, New York, NY, distinct passions are soon to follow in upcoming discography that mimic culturist transitions.

           The first three years of any artists career are by far the most influential and sensitive, as the waging battle between self-discovery and societal application begin to find middle ground. However, in the case of Showjoe, with track titles such as I Am Me, Not… Srry, Every Girl Has a Catch :, and Good Guys Come In Last – his EP's and albums aesthetics encompass traits of a more serotonin-fueled Lil Uzi Vert. Adding to that comparison, his most streamed track to date, Batman n Robin encircles the Uzi element, from production to his avant-garde lyricism.

           With only Batman n Robin and Stuck in Place as Joe’ two single releases of 2021 – we can expect to see huge releases coming soon, especially as streaming numbers and popularity begin to increase exponentially. Keep up to date with his announcements on Instagram @showjoe, as well as us over at @engmtcent for daily updates on the hottest artists in the industry, signing announcements, and personalized playlists every Friday!


-      R.B.