Representing The 'Belly' of Austin - Introducing, Dubbo

Sending postcards from Austin, TX, Dubbo is ready to leave his 'stamp' on the industry!

     Targeting a mass appeal audience out of Austin, Texas, one self-gifted artist has deemed it his time to leave his very own mark on the industry as a whole - not just Texas hip-hop. While we’ve seen many artists from the Golden Age such as Pimp C, to the modern era of rap that’s absolutely dominated mainstream culture with names such as Quin NFN, Travis Scott, and Slim Thug, one of the recurring themes through all these artists remains the passion to achieve greatness - with some saying in accordance to ‘any means necessary’. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s just a hint at what’s to come, but Dubbo is definitely here to make you remember his name.

     Scaling the ranks at an insanely fast rate, Dubbos daringly dangerous lyricism goes hand in hand with the emotions it portrays onto listeners and fans. His discography only appears to get more and more impressive as the reel continues - accompanied by energetic and strong headed live performances, including  vicious use of musical videography. Currently signed to Babygrande record label, alongside 16 other artists - Dubbo has a rich environment to surround himself with in order to top the charts.

     With 16 released singles and E.P. 's on major streaming platforms, alongside one full album, Dubbo has been proving his worth, grit, as well as his talent to not only his fans - but himself. Partnering the Double O Records, Dubbo has branched out from Texas in order to push his innate ability to deliver hard-hitting royalty-esqe lyricism. His latest track ‘Beat Up The Belly 2’ released July 1st, 2021 and has continued to maintain his demeanor and reputation. 

     We’re expecting huge things from Dubbo later on in 2021, as well as several other artists from Babygrande, so make sure to go stream ‘Beat Up The Belly 2’ to check ‘em out for yourself! Stay close this week for some more of the hottest names to soon brush the charts, as well as Enigmatic’s 3rd Anniversary merch release.