Rejuvenating The DMV One Track At A Time

Uno Hype's got an agenda to push - and we're absolutely here for it!

        With his brand new debut album, the DMV’s hottest up and coming MC is back and better than ever! Uno Hype released his first album, SOL GLO, in March, with the album touching on racial injustice and persevering through the lives troubles, alongside insane lyricism and delivery. Uno Hype isn’t taking the traditional route, all fourteen tracks off of SOL GLO require a sense of sharp intellectualism.

Color Me opens with a heavy static scratch that grasps the attention of listeners, while foreshadowing the expectations of quick pick ups & downs. The difference between this song and a traditional heavy chorus with crazy verse’s is absolutely the topic at hand. Uno Hype explains “a fire in the hills” and “ashes on” his “soul” while the system watches him burn; Warning,  “pay attention what you put your faith in, dollar bills with no black faces”, while “black fathers get thrown in cages” cause they “go to war for an education”. Uno Hype says he isn’t mad “just frustrated… because of color all” he “saw was hatred”. Hype raps that the politicians “try to paint” them “evil through the news”, so he chants “f*** CNN, f*** ABC, f*** FOX News, f*** em all”. 

Uno Hype’s ability to make such a deep meaning assimilate as if it’s about clubbing is exactly what’s necessary to lead to change. Infusing true life with rhythm and spreading the messages and stories that must be told. Superman was the first single of 2021, and the only release this year that made it on SOL GLO. The track features Jerome Thomas who covers the chorus singing about not being able to “be your superman” anymore, with all your “expectations”. Uno Hype hops on fast, establishing tone and rapping “this world dirty like liver with liquor” although “words will probably kill” him quicker, since he’s “trying to love with a bitter heart”. Uno explains being “overlooked” while reminiscing back to when his “brother got the juice” that had “you feeling pac, you could feel the knots”, just hoping that “the world feels me” says Uno.

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