Reinventing Summer Sound - DREAMERS

With rising temperatures and lowered windows, cosmic rock is back on the charts!

            Accompanying the reemergence of the era of cosmic rock, a genre of high energy, the infectious indie-pop has made a Top 100 large-scale comeback. The largest trio staple of music, bass, vocals, and drums is something the industry will never turn their back on, and one arena we are always ecstatic to make additions to. This week, with summer entering full swing, DREAMERS have taken playlists by force, alongside rolled down windows and retractable sunroofs. With indie, as well as mainstream, releases, this trio has held a pretty strong presence since 2016, shortly following their debut album of This Album Does Not Exist.


           After relocating to Los Angeles seven years ago to bring life to the newfound group, DREAMERS were quickly picked up by Fairfax Recordings, which pressured a second EP – You Are Here, which was composed of 5 tracks, 2 of which pushed their way to Billboard’s Top40 for Alternative tracks. With momentum building, DREAMERS saw the headlining names grow exponentially through the indie/alternative genre, eventually sharing venues with names such as Weezer and Stone TemplePilots.


           2017 became something of a glory year for DREAMERS with Sweet Disaster off of the This Album Does Not Exist album reaching #7 on Alternative charts. Later on throughout the year, their acoustic track Painkiller also reached milestone numbers forDREAMERS on the Top 40 charts.


           Since then, we’ve seen two full length EP’s release, FLY and LAUNCH FLY LAND, as well as 4 smaller EP releases throughout 2020, This Machine Kills Fascists, Road Trip Through Space, Chilling on a Cloud, and Sweat it Out. FLY contained an Enigmatic favorite of Misfits T-Shirt, alongside 4 other tracks – released in September of 2018. True Crime, a single released in November of 2020features an artist covered previously by Enigmatic in late February of 2021, DeathByRomy.


           For any indie/alternative fans looking to expand on the genre, we highly recommend you check out DREAMERS, @DREAMERSjoinus on Twitter, and any of the feature bands they’ve released or toured with in the last handful of years. Check back in later this week for more Enigmatic updates on some of the best artists to add to your summer playlists!


-      R.B.