Rebranding Artist Shines A New Light in 2020

See how a simple rebranding introduces an entire new influence!

This year one of the industry greats decided to release his own music. Maintaining a huge resume, working with Travis Scott, Kanye West, T.I., Lil Wayne, H.E.R. and many, many more. Larry Belafonte gave himself a new name and job, from behind the scenes to soon mainstream, PRICE is here for 2020. With a resume of 3 tracks, all weird in their own way, slowed down and similar to Dreamville, one track even has some latin involved.

The track MUFASA dropped in just September and is currently just short of 20 thousand streams. Written and performed by PRICE, the song shows insane flows and transitions between with even crazier lyrics. Giving off some old school vibes, he raps about his whole life he’s been searching for freedom, that everything the light touches is our kingdom. PRICE expresses all the weight on his shoulders, praying his bro don’t betray him. All while trying to spend time with his son, trying to work on his craft or patrol the land. Going on to dive deeper and explain we can’t trust all of your family, some can leave you with scars. Thinking PRICE thought this year was the best, with all the hate he needed to express himself as he tries to save this Kingdom.

October 9th he dropped his first real feature with Brooklyn’s very own, Kota the Friend. The two complement each other's style incredibly. Have to mention that PRICE produced the beat for the two as well. The connections and talent PRICE must have is unmatched stepping into this, he does all his own work and has deep roots. He opens saying they killed my little bro Thomas the other day, but when you colored you don’t really look to the law to investigate. Instead you go get payback and repeat the cycle, and claiming the government put them in this position. PRICE fully emerges into this track and all the stupid shit people say to justify what’s going on. Saying when they put drugs in the hood, they took away love in the hood, pushing all these people into drug ridden impoverished areas with other black people. That’s why they kill each other, it’s human nature to attack whatever’s close and comes with a negative approach. Asking us to take a step back and see the bigger picture, stating it can’t be solved by one person, a prisoner couldn’t kill a king and lions don’t matter dolphins. The words are wacky but the story telling is unmatched.

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