Quin NFN Hits Again in His 10KProjects Debut

Why the Texas native's latest project is his best to date as he's still yet to scratch the surface of his full potential

Quin NFN, recently beginning his XXL Freshmen 10th Man Campaign, has finally given his fans the tape they’ve been waiting for in QUINCHO. QUINCHO is his first project release while signed to globally recognized independent label TenThousand Projects, the rapidly growing, successful label that's responsible for a few of this decade's superstars like Trippie Redd and Iann Dior among others. The album's cover art is the Texas native in silhouetted in darkness with his ice being surrounded by bright red, a fitting cover for the music content inside the album itself.

Overall, this is Quin’s second major project release following his 4NUN debut mixtape this past Fall, a successful project that did numbers and had two major features including PnB Rock and NLE Choppa on what was his second biggest hit to date in Poles.

Although a successful album, Quin decided to tackle QUINCHO  totally solo with no features at all. And it paid off, big time.

After the first album Quin released two singles, both eventually making it on the final version of the tape. Crash Dummy being the first hit over a million plays, an average number for Quin, shortly after the album itself released and will only grow now as his popularity does too. The song has some crazy bars and shows the style we can expect to see Quin riding out with and really building the foundation of his musical talent around.

All Blues, the lead single for the album itself, while now apart of the album was first released one Friday before the album as promotion. The track is my favorite Quin song to date as he shows he can not just rap proficiently but sing too with a real hook before jumping back to rapping just as easily much like in Stay Down off of the 4NUN album. If you like real rap and can vibe out all day, Quin is your man.

Add the official visuals to boot that released this passed week as well and this track is a bonafide hit bound to be his biggest song. The video explores the temptations that wait at every corner of the fast life that Quin’s becoming more and more accustomed to as his stardom continues to rise. Reporters, crazy fans, women, and even the opps he thought he left in the rear view all lurking for a majority of the video’s dream state Quin is living in.

The concept for the video, and nature of the song itself, suggests as we’ve talked about before that Quin NFN understands the role he has in the lives of his family members, who he genuinely is as an individual, and the influence that comes with this platform at a level far superior than most of his peers. The kid is way smarter than he lets on and carries himself in a unique way that you can’t necessarily put to a word, his visuals and music are living proof.

Diving into QUINCHO itself, this project is definitely going to do big numbers solely because it represents everything Quin fans already love plus that much more as he’s evolved as an artist, it's entirely him the whole project, and his now newest tool in the bag being the professional backing from TenThousand Projects will only add to his stock rise.

Work being the track that stuck with me as I first played the album, Quin has bars that not just make sense and line up to eachother but have multiple layers like “i’m high as hell you can tell by my mood, walk through you can tell ive been smoking on stupid, don’t try to flirt if you do then im goosin, / she throwing cat imma catch it and bruise it.”

Verses that impact each other and build up throughout to get fans yelling about how crazy the lines are is no easy task but the young Quincho has mastered this talent. Quin’s patented ad-lib/catch phrase “Hold on” only add to the hype he brings to every track with each word he spits. We could go on and on about the album, this is just a piece to get you started and diving in to make your own assessments.

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