Prominent Chicago Drill Artists Rising Up On the Charts

Keeping drill music well-alive, DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv are on the way to paving a name for themselves.

Chicago’s new duo DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv is rapidly creeping in on taking over the new

lyrical drill scene. All in 2020 releasing just 4 tracks, reaching 50k on Instagram, and more

importantly establishing 46 thousand monthly listeners. Over rather simple trap beats with

repeating heavy 808’s and good gaps - you can hear a Zae and CEO HD flow but much more

Chicago influence. 

Their first release Dem Faces has them rapping about “late night ride’s… looking for

dem faces”. They claim they ain’t got time for the police, because they know they’re going to

make it. Pretty, this song resembles a classic drill track with the trapped out piano and

hard 808’s. It can’t be any more clear that they found their lane, and from here on it’s more and

more lit songs at high quality - knowing it's real from Chicago. 

When Okay dropped featuring Heavy Steppers, another Chicago duo, you could hear a

much cleaner and finished version of the DCG crew. Yes, Dem Faces is undeniably a hard

track, but the cleaned up and crisp voices does add a new touch where people and fans can

say, they’re going to make it. Showcasing their collaboration ability and giving us the best look

yet, this track definitely needed a hard follow up; That's when they dropped Patching Opps. Our

first look at DCG Msav, they rap we got the west side and that most of you are wack. Rapping

that their striving for a house in the hills while all your drops are gon’ flop. So far, the direction is

there and what’s next really seals the deal, adapting to the times.

While barely missing 100 thousand plays on Spotify with their latest release Mmhmm,

featuring a seeming to be third face to the DCG crew DCG Msavv. The trio’s music video,

however, goes absolutely crazy. Showing the crew out golfing and taking breaks to

simultaneously bop their heads to the beat. The video also has cut aways to the crew at the

dinner table with chicken, which seems to be celebrating. The video managed to reach over a

million streams. This is most definitely a successful dance song I expect to see all over Tik Tok

and then of course, we will see more and more of the DCG crew.

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