Producer Bush Rainier Cracks Open The Vault - With Keys To The Industry

Sitting down with Washington producer Bush Rainier, few stones are left unturned. Read our full interview with Bush here!

In this industry, it becomes a necessity to push yourself much harder than ever before. Until you get a nudge of encouragement from an external source, you have to find motivation to persevere within yourself. There are no handouts or fake love along the way towards each and every individual’s breakthrough. A strong community often becomes key to cultivating a namesake, and oftentimes it happens to be the most rewarding part of this journey - one in which strengthens both, the individual and community. This is easier said than practiced, but this producer out of Tacoma, Washington elaborated and verbalized much of the process for us. We sat with Bush Rainier to get some insight on how he’s conquering his personal endeavors.

“I’m a music producer born and raised in Tacoma, Washington.” 

“When I was 13, my brother bought me FL Studio as a birthday present and said...

This is a program producers use to make beats for music artists. You don’t need to do this as a profession but you can make it one as long as you’re passionate about it and want to pursue it.

I didn’t really think that I would take it to the point of a profession when I first turned the program on back then, or even up until about 3 years ago once I started to realize what I was making was a solid starting point to follow music production professionally.”

“My biggest music influences (not in any particular order) when I started were Timbaland, Lex Luger, Pharrell, Noah ‘40’ Shebib, Scott Storch and Metro Boomin. As the years went on my list has grown with the amount of other producers who’ve been making a name for themselves in the industry. Names like Jetsonmade, Wheezy, Ouhboy, Cashmoney AP, Murda Beatz, Yung Lan and many more.”

“I made my first beat in April back in 2012. Listening back to it I think it’s a** but back then I thought it was fire.”

“My outlook changed because I used to think that music would be instantly rewarding but now I’ve learned to just trust the process, never give up and network. This path can get very discouraging at times but I know it’s worth it.”

“I’ve met everyone I work with in many different ways, some I met through social media platforms, some I’ve met in my college classes, and others I've met through mutual friends.” 

“It’s hard to say which collaborations are my favorite but Jay Loud, Lewie, and Yung Gritty are my most recent collabs and they are about to make the music industry realize what I bring to the table production wise.”

“I’m still waiting on the BIG one but to date everything with Jay Loud and Lewie have been the most rewarding because I see the quality of the sound being put out there and also good friends being made out of it.”

“I diversify myself by making the sound that I like and I try to avoid making the sound that everyone else is hopping on a wave for. So many people try to do this stuff to make quick money. This isn’t the industry for that, especially when you’re getting your foot in the door.”

“We don’t get enough credit. Not saying that in haste or any negative context but it’s just the facts. Most songs are played on repeat, getting put in playlists, or even number one singles. Most of the time it’s because of the beat. Very few songs ever chart by someone just using their vocals and not having a beat. It all starts because producers started the vibe with the beat.”

“Believe in yourself first and foremost. If you can’t believe in yourself, no one will. Another thing I would say, is make what you want to make. Not everything is going to spark the same feeling as another song, instrumental, or other music in general. As long as you like how the product came out, someone out there will like it as well.”