Philadelphia's Armani Army in the Making

How Armani White is blending the lines of modern and traditional Hip-Hop uber successfully

Perhaps one of the most talented up and coming artists we’ve stumbled upon all year, Philadelphia native Armani White’s music is absolutely insane. Displaying the ability to both sing and slow it down as well as speed it up insanely, White takes after and is a fair early career comparison to a J. Cole mixed with Chance the Rapper type of sound. Starting back in 2017, Armani had only been releasing singles until this passed November, when he released his first project Keep in Touch. A huge debut album that deserves more attention, but that’s all soon to come for Armani


           Even the punny names of his tracks are fun, such as Onederful the first track on the album opening with vocals of a child saying “cmon”followed by an “are you ready” that gives a very throwback, boom bap vibe. Then Armani jumps in quickly saying “This shit is so tight”as he messed around asking “how I stuff a $100 in quarters in one pocket.” Talking his sh*t over a masterpiece of a beat that switches to a happy trumpet, as stated in his Spotify bio Armani makes “happy hood music.” This track sounds exactly as the bio advertises with the breakthrough coming when he yells “this my type of day” in the chorus.


           The second track off the project, entitled 2maro, has him beginning over a spacey beat implementing those same trumpets again rapping“I did it by myself,” before the chorus drop Armami admits in aback and forth ‘thinking out loud’ styled fashion that “I need a I need bitches,” and he “still ain’t handle my(his) car, still ain’t cancel my(his) card.”


           One of his bigger hits in Public School was actually just his second ever release and came out initially as a single back in 2018. Being his biggest track to date, even as a re-release, with just over 2 million plays he raps bars like she “ain’t tell me pull out since” he got money and says he “ain't pull out since” he “let them pull out rent” and spend it on their outfit. A “happy hood song” vibe again, but that’s not all Armani creates.


Black Oak Park sounds nothing like the rest for example. Catch Armani slow-singing high pitched about the sky looking closer with her on his shoulder.” Feeling closer to heaven with his girl around, Armani can create whatever he likes in any tone or genre, a true testament to his versatility, and his talent shines bright on every track.


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