Ottawa Based Surf Group Embraces Authenticity and Creativity

Give a listen to the tune of dad sports!

        Getting the first taste of influence and creativity in Ottawa, the trio dad sports came together for the first time one early morning – with the aesthetic of a 4am cigarette. Having no written material during the initial formation of the band, practice was made up of a lot of cover pieces, especially playing a lot of Beach Goons. Unknown to them, this was the formation of a wickedly influential surf-punk that would begin to spread much farther than Ottawa.


        Enigmatic has kept a watch on dad sports shortly after the 2018 release of dog cuddles, as the lo-fi sound began to maintain the soft, emotional aspect of pop, yet mesh insatiably with the high energy of indie-pop and surf jams. With a quarter million monthly listeners, dad sports has revolutionized and become much more renown since we last checked in – which is very well deserved.

        Creating a warm and fuzzy feeling, similar to a beach bonfire or a postcoital tristesse cigarette, the layering of electric instruments – mostly guitar and piano, accompanied by softer spoken vocals truly defines the art produced by dad sports. Since 2020 and the underlying pandemic conditions, the live shows have been put on pause for the moment, but it appears the group is very eager to get back doing what they love most, aside from Tostitos Lime chips.


        With the release of their only 2021 EP, I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!!, we’re excited to see what else is in store to come for dad sports throughout the rest of the year. Keep up to date with them on Twitter @dadsportsband and us over at @engmtcent for more updates, announcements, and interviews with some of the most promising names in the industry!


-      R.B.