North Virginia's EGOVERT Exploding on the Scene

After a run of twenty-four straight singles, we explore what's next for this experimental rapper

After 24 straight singles and as many as seven notable independent features total, EGOVERT, Northern Virginia’s fast-paced modern rapper has finally released a 6 song EP for what was a starving fanbase. Entitled KIDS THESE DAYS, the project resembles all the aspects of what looks like an experimental piece of music topped with an acid trippy cover. And this couldn’t match the content more. With lyrics like “Acid daily killed your man’s up in the intersection” you get the point pretty quickly. EGOVERT as he would describe it himself, is “just having fun” and making crazy music in today’s age when it’s not the easiest to come by this type of unique sound that shows off not just its own depth lyrically with a reckless sounding quality to it.


Starting off in reverse with the end of the EP, the last track entitled All White Everything! opens up with “I’m pretty sure my family wants to disown me,” a heavy hitting topic that opens the emotional floodgates almost immediately in allowing kids who may feel they’re parents look down on them similarly, or just looking for an extreme release from daily life to attach almost right away. From there, a self-proclaimed lifestyle the Northern Virginia talks about includes only doing “the best drugs” and  “only” sleeping with “the best sluts” paints the rest of a fast, Rockstar type lifestyle. This ‘reckless rap’ sort of sub genre fits a stereotype for sure, a song created while on acid is exactly what parents believe young teens think or do when life isn’t looking up. What’s important to remember though, is not necessarily the context of the lyrics, but the artistic ability EGOVERT inserts into his sound that allows his fanbase to gravitate towards a positive musical sound that encourages us all to express ourselves. No matter how different that form of expression may be.


Another standout track from the EP entitled, Shout Out Simba! opens up with EGOVERT confessing that he’s “very, very, very intoxicated right now off a lot of substances,” another track you can just catch the fast life theme from instantly. The song features Flexin fab, mostly in a vocal role to add layered adlib effects. After the slow melody chorus to being, where EGOVERT explains he’s “a dog” we receive an example of how, as EGOVERT speeds up his delivery while showing off some versatility stating he “met her at my show, get her backstage then I pass her to my bro’s." 


Finally making it full circle to the beginning of the EP, the self-titled Kids These Days! is absolutely the craziest track. He opens up as usual with a loaded-with-ego and layered, deeper meaning statement, this time posing the question to listeners “Imagine peaking in high school.”


A random, highly experimental statement that doesn't get to dived into any deeper than that, however, VERT warns “your city scholars aren’t really shit” encouraging listeners to “spend your commas on cartridges.” Saying the same high school scholars are “feeding you bullshit” challenging why we eat up whatever ‘they’ tell you. Forcing us as active members of society to never stop questioning what goes on around us at deeper than just the surface, and why, isa key aspect of his intention and not to be written off. Keep in mind too, that this all takes place in the first 35 seconds of the song.

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