North Florida Rapper Shares Insight on His Touristy Hometown

Having spent the previous two years building momentum - who knows what's up next for LBS Kee'vin.

With such versatility, comes a wide array of attention. Pensacola, Florida rapper LBS Kee’vin has decided that 2021 is, without a doubt, the year he leaves his previous life behind. Having a hometown that’s renowned for pristine beaches and tourists - it becomes far more demanding to become accomplished amongst the entertainment industry. With few platforms available, Kee’vin has spent the last few years debuting singles and pushing towards fame - regardless of how minimal the opportunity seemed.

However, early this year, Visionary Records went public with the announcement they’ve taken Kee’vin under contract. Being from such a nomadic area in the eyes of the entertainment industry giants, a record label opens doors that could not be imaginable without it. Shortly after signing with Visionary, Kee’vin went on to release Shining - with a feature from 42 Dugg. Currently sitting at 1,500,000 plays on major streaming sources, Shining is by far the most streamlined and popular single released by Kee’vin to date. 

Although, as we’ve learned with the newest wave of artists in the hip-hop culture, strictly streaming numbers cannot guarantee a future for any artist - but authenticity and versatility can. Traveling back in time three years to the release of Drive Thru, this track was one of the first primary hits to begin turning heads towards Kee’vin. While incomparable to his large-scale feature artist 42 Dugg, Drive Thru radiates an altered take on Florida rap and rehearses stories of trapping in the sunshine state. Having only recently buckled down on music, Kee'vin spent most of 2020 releasing an abundance of new tracks, each with separate rhythmic styles one after another.

With such prowess as an upcoming artist, as well as the momentum built with Visionary, huge projects filled with absolute chart-toppers are to be expected soon from LBS Kee’vin. 

Make sure to check out his latest single debut Soul Burden ft. Fredo Bang on all streaming platforms - as well as his Instagram @lbskeevin. Catch back up with us at Enigmatic later this week for more insight towards the hottest up and coming names in the industry!