North Carolina Underground Rapper with Game Changing Versatility

How the late teens artist has 'powered' himself into a spot as one of North Carolina's top underground rappers

Kevin Powers the Boston-born, yet North Carolina raised, 18-year-old rapper has been consistently delivering heat to us Hip-hop faithfuls in the underground scene for quite some time now. Chances are, you more than likely haven’t heard of him just yet. But he’s been creating his own, new Lil Mosey-type vibe with even crazier hooks and poetry. And Kevin’s newest track How You Been? is far passed being ‘worthy’ of boasting about, it’s an absolute requirement.


The track’s beat changes even while Kevin powers (pun intended) his delivery tempo to remain and run over the 808 as it knocks crisply. In its hook, he questions his girl calling out “if I call would you pick up? Be honest,” as he experiences thoughts of doubt on how his partner feels about him. The young Powers is lost in [his] thoughts and emotions, when his partner said she’d be there for him but “broke that promise.”


When Kevin does finally reach out he asks simply yet nostalgically “How You Been?” in a tone suggesting of meaning more, a situation we’ve all undoubtedly found ourselves in before. Toxically asking someone he cares about to“make up and fuck the be friends,” as feelings are too strong to do as he’s saying. Powers isn’t shy in his sound to explore love and emotional intimacy on a deeper level than most artists do from track to track, as he for instance in this track classically is “missing the old” person and thinking he can bring it back.


Kevin is deep in his feels but obviously battles it when he illustrates passionately “Bitch, I thought I told you that Iain’t into different hoes,” addressing he might’ve “poured a little too much when” he’s “sipping.” Using this impressive bridge, not an easy feat for any artist much less one this early in his career, to segue into the second verse of bars we get to hear more of Powers crafty story-telling ability. Continuing to dive into his up and down, on again-off again romance we’ll leave you to judge if the young North Carolina artist ultimately made the right call.

Currently in his discography, Powers has several other slaps with How You Been being the first in what’s been a long string of consistent heat here in 2020. Other ‘must listens’ to check out in his arsenal include New Drip featuring other Raleigh, North Carolina talents like YSB Tril and YSBEli. Not to mention, his biggest track to date entitled Misguided which takes us on another deep, personal journey of his own about being well (as you can surely guess), Misguided. Pun definitely intended that time.


If you enjoy what you hear when exploring, make sure to follow the talented late-teens artist @_kevinpowers on Instagram and us @Engmtcent to keep up with more great music coming from down on the Tobacco Road.