Detroit's ' Trojan' Artist Continues His (Somehow Still) Under The Radar Glow Up to Cap 2021

Flexing flashy upscale production and a fresh new sound, whiterosemoxie puts the game on notice for a big 2022

While it’s not uncommon for whiterosemoxie to be unconventional with his lyricism, his latest track “NO KURE'' is something else. Moxie spent the entirety of January all the way through September this year working on releasing his album “TROJAN ',’in packs of 2. The album had just two features, those being Tom The Mailman (Beeline) and midwxst (ITACHI). After officially dropping the project on September 17th, just three months later, whiterosemoxie gave us an early Christmas present, “NO KURE”.

“NO KURE '' begins with some insanely chaotic, almost alarming chords while whiterosemoxie raps “I ain’t got no open hand, learn to move before you dance”; Mentioning that you have to take this all one step at a time, he speaks on letting go of “mortal trends” and doing things differently. While others think he’s headed to “Neverland” moxie says he’ll “take my (his) chance”, instead of doing what's “cordial” or ordinary. As much as the beat is unexpected, the message moxie is portraying is a perfect match.

whiterosemoxie continues on to address some thoughts about not being ‘the one after all”. He sings “mirror, mirror on the wall” is the “real revealer of my flaws”, providing an authentic self, saying he has “no concealer” on his thoughts. All within the first minute, moxie has expressed being unconventional and much more. You can expect this kind of experience when listening to whiterosemoxie - he has always done what’s simply unexpected, far ahead of the exceptional line 

From the start, whiterosemoxie has taken the game by storm and redefined what to expect from Detroit artists. Producers Thibault Ruellan and Jay Cribbs have been consistently bringing beautiful pieces of work to us for quite some time. Make sure you check out “NO KURE” and put everyone on first. The team @assemblesound has done some astonishing things. Make sure to follow @whiterosemoxie @assemblesound @corduroyslim @garretkoehler @prodbythibault @hijaycribbs on Instagram. Go follow @engmtcent for more content like this!