Newest Glo Gang Affiliate Has Snatched the Crown of Trap Production

Recent interview with Akachi Beats reveals massive potential amongst Glo Gang

Emerging from the Boston area, specifically Cape Cod, Massachusetts one trap producer has added some heat of his own creation to this Northern region. While Boston has lived in the shadow of New York City for some time in regard to notorious hip hop icons, we believe it’s time the Athens of America put some of their own on blast towards prominence, as we’ve seen with rappers such as Henry AZ. With 35 universities filled with aspiring and passionate youth, the raw talent being funneled towards the hip hop community has opened copious numbers of eyes. Attacking anew angle of trap music, fueled by self-creativity and individualism, Akachi Beats has unquestionably begun to pave a road for his namesake as a rising producer. 


Adopting the namesake Akachi, an Igbo title that translates to “The Hand of God”, as well as signifying a wave or change, he quickly proved to us that he’s not here to settle for sole Soundcloud production by working with artists such as PnB Rock, Soulja Boy, Smokepurpp, and Famous Dex within the first few years of crafting his talent. These early single standouts such as No Smoke (2017) andLemonade (2017), as well as the albums Akachi Trap (2018) and Akachi Trap 2 (2019) with Joey Trap shined bright on the trap music genre as a whole. During our interview, Akachi made statements in regard to the fugazi personalities within today’s hip hop and how these derivative artists and producers have begun to “take away the artistic aspect of music asa whole.” 


No shots fired, however it’s vital for the consumer as well as the artist to respect the origins and individual qualities that make hip hop so unique amongst all other genres. He followed up these statements by inviting people to look at his social media, specifically Instagram, @akachibeats, where he showcases not only his music, but proves that genuine individualism spearheads more respect than fronting a personality ever will.


Music wise, 2020 Akachi hasn’t let us down yet with the releases of PRETTYBOY! with Tokyo’sRevenge and Joey Trap, Gang Shit! by Famous Dex, as well as multiple other publications with Having shared multiple studio sessions with renown producer DJ Plugg this year, we can only assume we’re about to receive an influx of hits considering the artists DJ Plugg has worked with lately, which include Lil Uzi Vert, Young Dolph, andGucci Mane. Although working closely with DJ Plugg, Akachi remains an independent producer outside of DJ Plugg’s “FlexxGods”production crew.


Speaking of affiliations, Joey Trap’s latest 9 albums, Akachi Trap, Akachi Trap2, Trap Jack 2.5, Trapped in Tokyo (ft. Tokyo’s Revenge), TrapJack 3, Wild West, STFU, Champ, and Playlist for the End of the World, ranging from 2018-2020, have been produced almost in totality by Akachi. Having grinded for the last couple years side by side, Joey Trap constructedYRS, Young Rich Squad, composed of himself and Akachi shortly after Akachi’s release from 300 Records. Since the release from 300, we’ve heard rumors about Akachi in the studio with Glo Gang and most importantly, Sosa. Late October, the rumors came true with the release of LolaBunny, prod. exclusively by Akachi. As promoted on his IG lives, Akachi’s got way more work with Sosa on the way. In recent weeks, he took on an official Glo Gang affiliation – which rides immensely perfect with his heavy trap beats. We can’t wait.


Go put some fresh workin your playlists by Akachi on Soundcloud and Apple Music & follow him on social media @akachi on Twitter and @akachiglo on IG, as well as checking us out @engmtcent for updates on the newest names in the game.




-       RB