Newest 4PF Artist on Track to Run the City of Atlanta

Having previous projects with other 4PF artists - Noodah05 has recently taken ATL by storm.

4PF has gained it's best look at a new artist on track to take over the rap game. Noodah05 dropped his first album in October last year, Merciless, a 13 track piece that touches on the streets and Noodah05’s tribulations on the way to the top. The 4PF exclusive album features Lil Baby, Dirty Tay, and Coldheartedsavage. 

Wild Child featuring Lil Baby talks about how his daddy died before he was born, coming into life as a bastard having a gun at the age of 15. Noodah says he wasn’t allowed to say he made people bow down back then but now he’s allowed. Lil baby hops on to say he has been jumped off the porch too early so he never really played with toys. Explaining how they had to do everything so early it made a Wild Child. 

Noodah05’s mom told him the devil takes these drugs to ease the stress, while he takes these percs just to balance himself out. Track number one on the album Merciless explains exactly what the album is about, just how Merciless and dangerous Noodah05 is to himself as well as others. Noodah05 says he was too nice, he was too low, they took advantage of it, Noodah05 says he had to change.

Free The Rest dropped just January 18th and has climbed to be one of his biggest tracks yet. The track has an interesting twist on Noodah05’s voice that adds a new layer of character to differentiate himself from others. Noodah05 tells people to free the rest, they always saying free the guy, but he thinks we should be focused on something bigger. Instead of worrying about one, let’s free the rest.

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